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Staging & Development Environments

Super Staging Areas
Every hero knows the importance of making mistakes. That's why WP Super Host lets you test all of your changes on staging and development environments before you publish. Pushing from one environment to the level above is as easy as a single click - and we'll back up every environment before you make the push, just in case. Now you can safely merge, test, and update WordPress without ever touching your live site!
Full Dashboard Analysis
for Each Environment
You get the same dashboard features your production site has on both of your development areas. Daily backups? Check. Site speed calculator? Check. Plugin, theme, and WP core update overviews? Check, check, and triple check!
Environments Come Free
With Every Plan
Every single site has the option to create a staging or development environment with the click of a button - and if you're worried about plan usage, you can delete them just as fast! This feature comes with every subscription plan regardless of price, so even the sidekicks can get in on the action.