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Free CDN for WordPress Websites

A Super CDN Gives You Super Sites
A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a collection of cloud servers that holds copies of your website all over the world. By serving your users files from the server closest to them, CDNs improve site speed and performance for every visitor that comes to your site.
Enjoy the Benefits of Cloudflare CDN
WP Super Host is proud to enlist the help of Cloudflare, one of the largest content delivery networks on the Internet. Cloudflare's trusted services will increase the security and performance of all your websites - and at no extra charge to you as an end user!
Included With Every Installation and Migration
Every website you host with us - whether it's a new site or a migration - will automatically enjoy the benefits of Cloudflare CDN. This is a feature not offered by much of the distinguished competition - and we think it's just one of the many reasons WP Super Host stands tall among other managed WordPress hosts.