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David Gunnels

Each time I get ready to take a trip, I start off not sure if I should plan my own trip again or if I should let an agency do it. And each time, I always want to do it myself. First, going that route ends up being a little cheaper since I am not paying someone to do that work for me. But most importantly, when I am making the decisions, I know that I am building the trip exactly how I want it. When an agency plans your trip, there will always be some kind of compromise. Part of this is because they partner with some of the tourist companies and shoehorn you into using them.

With website content management systems (CMS) there are many different options to compare. One such comparison is between WordPress vs Weebly, and it works just like how I described planning a trip. Both of these services are CMS providers that allow you to build and manage your website. They each take a different approach on how to handle the process. On one hand, Weebly will charge you a fee so they can provide the features. On the other, WordPress gives you the freedom to use exactly what you want and need. Regardless of what you are looking to buy, it is always important to do the proper research to get the full picture. You need to see what your money is getting you for each option. In this case, we are highlighting a comparison between two CMS providers.

While learning the difference between Weebly vs WordPress, please use the table of contents to jump straight to the section that interests you.

Table of Contents

Weebly vs WordPress for Blogging

wordpress vs weebly

In the debate of blogging with WordPress vs Weebly, WordPress is an obvious choice. Without exception, WordPress has a reputation for being the best site for blogging. Basically, WordPress is the blogging site creator. That is what WordPress was originally built from. And it was so good that it became incredibly popular with building many different kinds of websites. That has led it to where it is today. Bloggers find WordPress to be especially useful because of its easy-to-use interface, plugins, themes and other customizable features. Even though it’s not going to give you the point-and-click features that you’ll find with Weebly, you’ll find that the full control you get with WordPress is worth it. Even for beginning bloggers, WordPress’s interface allows you to have full control over your blog content.

Plus, since you get to choose your own website host, you don’t have to worry about your website getting shut down by a CMS that controls your full website. If you choose the right WordPress host, your control and customization will only be reinforced, instead of taken away. Even now, a lot of the user interface for WordPress is best suited for making new blog posts and publishing them.

Weebly vs WordPress for eCommerce

wordpress pricing vs weebly pricing

How about WordPress vs Weebly with eCommerce? Well, eCommerce does not come standard with WordPress. Since it is an open source platform, there is no shortage of eCommerce plugins available, though. However, this does mean you will be doing the legwork of finding the plugin you want and adding it to your website. And of course, the best plugins are ones you pay for.

On the other hand, Weebly has partnered with Square to offer eCommerce websites. This integration lessens the customization options greatly, but it is refreshing to be able to have it already taken care of for you. Keep in mind, adding eCommerce to your website will absolutely increase the price of your hosting.

weebly seo vs wordpress seo

When considering WordPress vs Weebly, SEO plays an important role. For WordPress, plugins play an important role with SEO as well. One of the most popular and effective choices is Yoast SEO. One thing you might notice is that Yoast does have plugins for a couple of other CMS platforms as well. First, it is important to point out that as of writing this, Weebly is not one of their offerings. Regardless, the popularity and wide use of the opensource WordPress leads to a smooth integration without any annoying requirements or restrictions.

Choosing the right CMS really matters when it comes to improving your website’s SEO. If you want people to find your website and engage with your messaging, you need to make sure your website can be found by search engines. Some things that affect this are website speed, content and quality. With WordPress, your site is on the path to success. Thanks to its highly customizable features, you can decide what plugins are going to work best for your website and attract more users. With Weebly, you don’t get to choose these things, meaning you could risk your site getting lost among the many others that are better equipped for SEO.

WordPress vs Weebly Pricing

wordpress pricing vs weebly pricing

Here is where there is the biggest difference in WordPress vs Weebly. WordPress is free. It is a free, open source website CMS. Using it to create a basic website for fun or experimentation costs nothing. On the other hand, Weebly comes with a monthly cost and provides other features as well.


While that is a fantastic deal on a CMS, there is a consideration to make. Part of why WordPress is free is that it is only a CMS. It will not host your website. It will not provide all of the features your site will need. A lot of this is on your shoulders. You will need to find the plugins and host that you need. So it does take more effort, but that level of customization is a great plus. This approach makes it much easier to put together a website that’s exactly what you want and need. Below is a realistic breakdown of some of the costs of owning a WordPress website.

  • $0.00/Month – Build your website with WordPress CMS
  • $17.50/Month – WP Super Host Web Hosting
    • SSL security certificate
    • Site speed report
    • WordPress update monitoring
    • Plugin monitoring
    • Daily backups
    • Staging and development environments
    • Global CDN
  • $0.00/Month – WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin
    • Ability to use over 1oo payment companies (including Square)
  • $0.00/Month – Yoast SEO Plugin
    • Includes checks to see if your website content meets SEO standards and best practices
    • Has an optional premium version for a one-time payment of $89.00 that can give you SEO focused research to develop new content
  • $0.00/Month – One of thousands of themes to customize your website
    • Options to purchase more premium themes with advanced designs, usually for one-time costs

Total: $17.50

It is important to note that it is impossible for us to determine exactly how much you will pay for your website. There are tens of thousands of options for different services, themes, plugins, extensions, etc. that you can choose from. The best and most reliable of these cost money. However, with such a robust community of avid reviewers, there are also many free options for many of these things that others have used to great satisfaction. The focus here is on the ability to choose exactly what you want. Also, after breaking it down, it is clear that using WordPress and going with WP Super Host gives you less expensive hosting with more features.


Weebly has a monthly subscription. It is different depending on your needs. Part of the subscription goes toward hosting costs, and if you need eCommerce, some money goes toward that integration as well. Since these things are already defined by Weebly, it takes the burden off of you. But you are likely paying more than you would have if you had built your website with WordPress. So here, it is more of a choice between convenience and having exactly what you want for a better price. We have broken down the costs of going with Weebly.

  • $29.00/Month – Weebly eCommerce CMS
    • Web hosting
    • SSL security certificate
    • Site stats
    • Built-in eCommerce functionality through Square only
    • Built-in SEO
    • Built-in template themes

Total: $29.00

Remember, the hosting, SEO, themes, and eCommerce through Square are built in. They are included with the CMS. You do not get to choose.

Weebly gives you no options. You will host with them if you choose their services. WordPress gives you the freedom to find a host that works for you. Since WordPress gives you options to find your own host, who would you go with? WP Super Host has many incredible packages that can take care of all of your hosting needs without spending too much. We have options unlimited bandwidth, number of supported monthly visitors, and more. Also worth considering is our seamless and easy migration process. Wherever you are coming from, we can help make sure migrating your website goes as smooth as possible. While you consider all of our great features and easy migration option, please take a look at WP Super Host’s available packages.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have built websites or not, we have all had to make a choice between two similar products. I personally find myself having the most trouble deciding when I am planning a trip. I’m not even talking about figuring out where and when to travel. It is when I already know my destination and dates of travel that I get the most stuck. That’s because there are normally two different ways I can experience the trip. I usually don’t like having to compromise my plans by choosing an all-inclusive package offered by an agency.

There is a certain appeal to choosing your own products and features, especially when it comes to finding the right CMS for your website. WordPress vs Weebly comes down to convenience over customization. For anyone who is considering a low-thought website with a standard template that is ready to go really quickly, Weebly is worth looking into. When you need to build a more important website that might need a good level of customization, then look no further than WordPress.

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