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David Gunnels

I have a Tumblr account. I have not touched it in many years, but it is still there. I know this because I still get emails about how now is a great time for a new blog post. However, I do not have any plans on returning. Even if I tried, I do not remember my password. I am already not planning on visiting the site in the first place, so they cannot expect me to go through the process of resetting my account password.

There is nothing specifically wrong with Tumblr as a platform. It is just that I have no need for it. If I want to type out a blog post, I have more appropriate avenues for them. In regards to social media, the little I do interact with it on Twitter is more than enough for me. I know not everyone feels the same way, though. There is a sizeable community of people who spend all day on Tumblr. When you think of it that way, it would make sense to consider using Tumblr as a platform for a new blog.

If you are not familiar with Tumblr, you likely understand social media at least. It works similarly. You have your own profile, and you choose who all you want to follow. Then, you can browse and scroll into infinity looking at anything that’s out there. What sets Tumblr apart from other social media platforms is that it is set up in a blog style. Instead of simple images like Instagram or short quips like Twitter, users are encouraged to post full blog posts with images and everything. So when looking at the decision to create a new blog, you might be trying to choose between Tumblr and WordPress.

When creating a blog, it is likely you have run across the decision of Tumblr vs WordPress. There is a noticeable difference between the two. However, this doesn’t mean that there is not a choice between the two. On one hand, you have the quick, instant gratification and interactivity of Tumblr. On the other, you have the option to build a custom website where you have full control. Depending on where you are on your journey, there is not exactly a wrong answer.

If you are stuck in the debate of WordPress vs Tumblr, use the table of contents below to learn more.

Table of Contents

Should You Choose WordPress or Tumblr for Your Blog?

wordpress vs tumblr

Considering the choices of WordPress or Tumblr, which is the better choice? Before answering, we need to look at why you want a blog. What is your blog for? Objectively, WordPress is best suited for a different kind of blogs than are typically seen on Tumblr.


WordPress began as the standard for blog writing. Today, you can usually see it standing as the best blog creation tool still. It has a wide-open design that gives you a lot of freedom. This can be intimidating for the newcomer, but there are plenty of tutorials, guides, and videos to get you set up. WordPress has infinite options, but it begins as a simple user interface that allows you to build a home page and create posts.


Tumblr is much more controlled than WordPress. There are a few design choices you can make with color, but there is not more to it than that. There is no home page or anything besides a scrolling list of posts. Tumblr now works as a hybrid blog creation tool and social media outlet. The appeal of Tumblr is more in the interaction between blogs than in the content of any one blog itself.

Social media is built into Tumblr. The design itself focuses more on how others have interacted with your post than the post itself. Who all has liked it or commented? Has anyone reblogged your post? Something that is harder to track is has someone stolen your post? Short-form blogs on an easily shared medium are extremely easy to steal and reuse. This is true for witty posts, artwork, photography, and anything in the creative realm. Many others do not think twice about copying and pasting something they like so they can pass it on as their own. And since Tumblr is self-contained, there is not much you can do in regards to safeguarding your content.

Is Tumblr Blogging Taken Seriously?

wordpress vs tumblr for seo

Is Tumblr a good place to start a blog? It depends on your goal. If you want to test out whether or not you will stick to a blogging schedule, Tumblr is a good start. However, if you are serious about committing to a blog, then it is not. Unfortunately, it is because it is not quite taken seriously.

Commonly, Tumblr is known for three things: political correctness, fandoms, and adult content. Yes, adult content was so big for the platform, any attempts to remove it were met with major backlash. There are many people within those communities that take these topics seriously. However, in general, Tumblr is considered more niche. It is more likely that you know someone who browses Tumblr than you using it yourself.

Is Tumblr Still Relevant?

To effectively decide between WordPress websites vs Tumblr, we need to look at whether Tumblr is still a viable option today. Its popularity has died down over the years since its peak. That is not the only concern. The fact that Tumblr is seen as a platform for exploring political correctness and niche fandoms has but it in a niche. That does not mean it is irrelevant. However, it does mean that it is much less relevant for content outside of those areas.

Why Pick WordPress vs Tumblr?

wordpress vs tumblr for eCommerce

WordPress vs Tumblr for SEO

A lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is with content. In that regard, you have full control of your content with both platforms. However, content is only a small part. There are many other aspects at play. This includes slugs, meta descriptions, titles, link management, and much more. For most of these, Tumblr does not give you any control. WordPress on the other hand gives you free rein.

WordPress vs Tumblr for eCommerce

Another part of this similar theme is with eCommerce. In regards to blogging, there are a handful of ways to make money. You can make deals for posts as an influencer, accept advertisers, create premium content, have a membership option, build an online store, and more. Tragically, the most feasible option for Tumblr is as an influencer. And that is because the process of making that deal is done outside of Tumblr.

Everything is possible with WordPress. All it takes is one or more plugins and you are ready to go. You can sell merchandise, post ads, put content behind a paywall, or anything else you can think of. The sky is the limit.

Hosting a Website on WordPress Vs Tumblr

hosting a website on WordPress vs tumblr

First, we need to look at Tumblr hosting. Tumblr is free and its hosting is free. Also, it is mandatory. There is no choice in the matter. And unfortunately, you cannot configure it. What Tumblr gives you is what you get. And when it comes to managing your blog, this lack of control is not a good thing.

WordPress, on the other hand, gives you the power to pick your own host for your site. There are free options available, but they are best avoided. They come with downsides like terrible performance, unreliable connections, unwanted advertising, data harvesting, and more. Some can even be fronts for hacking. You are much better off paying for hosting.

You get a lot of return for your investment in paid web hosting. You get dedicated resources with guaranteed performance. You are able to pick packages that reflect your needs of storage, monthly visitors, bandwidth, and more. There is also a wide range of features available. For WP Super Host, we offer monitoring of WordPress updates, plugins, and uptime. You can also take advantage of our automated daily backups and clean user dashboard. There are also speed reports and dev environments available. When you look at it, WP Super Host is a fantastic host that can take care of all of your hosting needs for your WordPress blog. Make sure to take time today to look at our web hosting options.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of blog creation platforms out there. It is likely that you have considered WordPress vs Tumblr for blogging. But when you look at each platform closely, you can see that WordPress is most likely the best choice for new, upcoming blogs. Of course, nothing stops you from giving Tumblr a run as well. In regards to creating quick-style blog posts to interact with other simple blogs, Tumblr is a useful tool. If it wasn’t, it would not have survived this long on the internet.

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