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David Gunnels

In college, one of my classes was focused on how to display our work online. One section of the course was about how to troubleshoot errors. We had learned about maximizing speed, cleaning up the code, optimizing SEO, and everything else that is considered standard website practices. However, the weeks of this project went by with each student struggling to much improvement when we would run the professor’s quality test.

Soon, we realized that the poor stat that we all had in common was uptime. That caused us to look more deeply at how our sites were coded. We were all convinced that there must be some redundancy or something that causes our sites to go down sometimes.

Looking back now, I am still surprised it took us so long to question why we never experienced the downtime while we were in class. The thing we were not doing was actually looking into the details of why we got that poor score in uptime. When someone finally figured it out, we all felt silly. Our sites were running off of a server in our computer lab. The lab assistant would shut everything down at night before leaving. All of our websites were down for several hours every single night.

One of the main points of the project was to pay attention to the details. However, it also showed me a lot about how important it is to have a site stay live as much as possible. It is crucial to keep an eye on your WordPress uptime monitoring to make sure everything is running right. Else, you might notice a dip in rankings without warning.

Table of Contents

What is Uptime in Web Hosting?

wordpress site uptime

Web hosting uptime refers to how often your website is accessible online. When your website experiences uptime, users can engage with the site as normal. They can read your blog, fill out the contact information, shop in your store, join the live chat, post in the forums, or whatever else you have available. It is as simple as that.

Downtime is when your site is not available at all. Any attempt to reach it ends with an error screen. This does not remove or change the links that direct people to your website. So anyone who comes across one of your links or paid advertisements will see that error screen.

A few things can cause a disruption in uptime. If there is a power failure or hardware failure in the server or servers that host your site, your site is down. Sometimes, necessary updates can cause site downtime. Sometimes, the answer is as simple as something bugging out on the software level. In those situations, a quick reset can potentially fix that small problem. Regardless, it still counts as downtime. Any time your website is offline for any reason is downtime.

Why is WordPress Site Uptime Important?

web hosting uptime

Uptime is a basic fundamental of website hosting. It affects visitors before they can even see how fast your site loads. They encounter uptime before they read a single word of your content. If your website is not available, then nobody can visit it. It can get no new traffic through ads or search results. Worse, those are still active. So prospective visitors can click on the link to see that it does not take them to a website. It appears to be a dead link. They move on.

Significant downtime can affect your consistent visitors as well. No matter how much someone loves your blog, it will not matter if they cannot visit it at their convenience. After enough times of not being to load your site, they will find the next best site.

Also, Google puts a huge focus on uptime. The web crawlers that Google uses pays attention to website uptime. They want to minimize the chances of them sending a user to a dead link. If search engines find fault with your uptime metrics, your ranking in the search results could take a sizeable tumble.

What do I do with WordPress Uptime Monitoring Results?

best uptime monitoring for wordpress

So now you have the results from your WordPress site uptime. You just are not sure what to do with the information. It is okay if, at first glance, it just looks like unrelated data. However, you just need to take a moment to break it down.

First, you should look for any anomalous data that jumps out. Specifically, look for short uptimes and sizeable downtimes that happened only once or very rarely. These may have been due to a single event. You have an opportunity to match the date and time of each event to other factors.

Did your website see a sudden spike of activity at that time? If so, you may need to investigate further to see if it was some kind of DDoS attack or if there was some reason many visitors showed up at once. Otherwise, the reason could be branched to something unrelated to your site. Perhaps you have an email explaining there was a storm that knocked out your host’s power during that time. In that case, you can look for solutions to stop that from happening again.

Next, you should look into any possible trends. Are downtimes happening at consistent time or lengths? Do your uptimes never seem to pass a certain amount of time? Try to figure out if there is anything these different events have in common. After finding this, you can think about what might be causing these downtimes. Anything with a pattern is going to have a cause that is likely to continue without any intervention.

Who has the Best Uptime Monitoring for WordPress?

wp super host wordpress uptime monitor

The most reliable uptime monitoring is going to come from your website host. Your host is the most familiar with the server where your website is stored. They have the metrics needed to get an idea of how things are progressing. There are other avenues to find potential downtime information, but they cannot be as exact as your host can be.

Not every host offers monitoring services. This makes it a little tricky to get the full picture. Now, not only are you having to trust a third party, but you are likely paying for that service too. There is no need for that when you can use a web host that can do the monitoring for you. And it helps if that host offers many more benefits as well.

When it comes to monitoring performance for your WordPress site, nobody does it better than WP Super Host. What is the difference with the WP Super Host WordPress uptime monitor? It works consistently to get an accurate read on uptime. Operating from the hosting server perspective, we can easily find the times and situations behind interruptions in your uptime. And if there is anything we can improve on to further limit your downtime, we take measures to put those practices in motion.

We offer this because it is important that everyone is on the same page about when and why your site went down. It helps us to identify any problems on our end and take care of them. We also know that it is a great feature to offer on top of our already efficient hosting. Our team of senior engineers maintains the sites we host to ensure they perform well and stay online. More than that, we offer features like easy migration, a user-friendly dashboard, free SSL, daily backups, CDN, and more. And uptime is not the only quality we monitor. We look at updates and plugins as well.

The best way to keep a finger on your website’s pulse is to use a hosting service that will work alongside you. Our features, monitoring, reports, and support staff are all here to keep everything running smoothly for you and your site. When you are ready to take advantage of the uptime monitoring feature, make sure to look into the web hosting packages from WP Super Host.

Final Thoughts

what is uptime in web hosting

WordPress uptime monitoring should be considered a basic fundamental of website ownership. There is no reason to neglect this. When everything is running great and staying online consistently, then there is no problem. It takes hardly any time at all to see that your site is performing well. On the other hand, if there is a problem, you want to know as soon as possible. You can do nothing about a problem that you do not know anything about.

Whether it is from your host or a third party, you need to keep an eye on your uptime. Without it, you could be looking at a really difficult struggle to stay high in the rankings. Do not let the hard work you put into optimizing your site be in vain. It deserves better treatment than to be forgotten like that.

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