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Alli Davis

Like just about anything in life, becoming an expert means practicing…a lot. Take a look at some of the most successful people today. Do you think they were born that successful? No, but it can sure be easy to imagine they were. The truth is that they were once beginners just like so many of us. But they didn’t let their ignorance and lack of ability stop them. They took the time to learn, grow and develop their skills until they became the people that others go to for advice and leadership. Even though it can take some time to become a WordPress SEO expert, there are plenty of quick tips and tricks to help you get a head start. This is due largely in part because WordPress is set up so well for SEO purposes, which is probably why so many people have chosen to create their websites with WordPress.

Table of Contents

How do you become a WordPress SEO Expert?

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of becoming an SEO expert, there are a few things you should know.

What is SEO?

Done correctly, search engine optimization draws organic traffic to your website. Sure, you could pay for certain ads that help increase traffic to your website, but that’s paid advertising, and it doesn’t benefit your website in the same way that organic traffic does. In my own experience, I tend to scroll past these paid ads at the top of Google’s search results page because I don’t trust that they’ll give me the answers I’m looking for. I trust the organic results that Google ranks for me, however, because I know they’ve done the work to get there. Google ranks these articles and pages based on overall site content, not just article content, so I have more trust for the organic sites. And since I trust those articles and websites more, I’m more likely to stay on them longer to see what else they know (even after I’ve read the article I came for in the first place). This is the beauty of organic traffic, and why it’s so important for you to spend time and effort improving your SEO. It’s not all about ads these days.

When a person searches online for “best birthday cake recipes,” the search engine crawls all websites with information that relates to birthday cake recipes. But that’s a lot of information from a lot of websites, so search engines like Google have developed algorithms to help give its users more relevant, useful results. This algorithm ranks certain websites higher than others, which is why you only see the most popular websites on Google’s first page of results. (And probably why you don’t tend to venture to Page 2.) Because Google and other search engines use algorithms, they tend to think of SEO as “tricking the search engine.” This isn’t and shouldn’t be the purpose of SEO. If you build a site that serves your audience with the highest quality content, images and links (internal and external), you’ll have a site that’s worth ranking. If there’s one thing you take away from this article, let it be this: SEO isn’t about tricking Google; it’s about putting your audience first.

Why WordPress is Best for SEO

WordPress’ setup makes learning and implementing SEO very easy on its websites, even if you’re a beginner. The platform is known for doing a good job implementing SEO best practices in its HTML, which means you won’t have to spend too much time learning about complicated SEO techniques. This coding element often turns beginning website builders away from WordPress, since HTML and coding can seem very complicated. However, this is actually one of the main reasons many SEO experts choose WordPress. (You can read more about this in our blogs explaining why WordPress is better than Wix or Squarespace.) Since SEO starts with a website’s code, WordPress’ emphasis on code really gives its users the ultimate advantage. These improvements can be made in your website’s HTML to optimize your images, add keywords to the HTML, implement alt text and write meta descriptions. Together, these things greatly improve your SEO rankings on search engines, and WordPress makes it all very easy to do.

And there are plenty of other WordPress tools and features that are worth learning about when it comes to SEO. Yoast SEO, a WordPress SEO plugin, is especially popular because it believes that “SEO is for everyone.” Other SEO tools for WordPress include SEMRush and Google Search Console. Plus, they’re all simple and easy to use, so you’ll be ready to implement many of them right away. Many of these features can be accessed and adjusted in the Settings menu of your WordPress website. From the Settings, you can make your website more visible to search engines, improve your pages’ hyperlinks, increase site speed, security and more. Not only can you make these changes and improvements to your website directly from WordPress, but you can also download and install high-quality, free plugins for SEO on your website.

How to Find the Best SEO WordPress Themes

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The great thing about WordPress is the variety of tools, features and layouts it offers its users. When people build their websites on other platforms, they typically find less variety. While this can make some functions and features easier to implement, it takes the freedom and creativity away from the person building the website. When it comes to implementing and improving SEO on your website, WordPress only makes it easier with its hundreds of themes and plugins.

Since there are so many WordPress themes to choose from when it comes to SEO, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind so you can pick the best options. WordPress is continually updating and upgrading the themes it offers for its users, so it’s important to understand what is going to work best for you.

Pick a theme with SEO-friendly HTML

The good news is that even with some of WordPress’ older themes, it’s still very easy to implement SEO. That’s because many of these older themes still include SEO qualities in their HTML, and some are even mobile-friendly. Most of WordPress’ newer themes, including both the free and premium options share these qualities, too, which can really help your website rank higher when the search engines come crawling.

Increase traffic and keep visitors interested

When choosing the best WordPress SEO theme for your website, make sure it’s one that’s easily customizable and offers custom page designs, modules and other elements that you can implement on your website. If you’re hoping to sell a product or service, make sure to choose an SEO-friendly theme that focuses on eCommerce features. This type of theme will not help increase traffic to your website, but it will also help ensure that your users will stay on your site as long as possible, which shows Google and other search engines that your site is relevant, interesting and trustworthy.

You may also choose to use a theme that allows you to implement external advertisements, which can help increase your traffic and guide your visitors to other relevant content.

Update and organize content clearly and effectively

If you’re publishing a blog or other content that gets updated regularly, make sure to choose a WordPress theme that can keep up with these changes while making sure your site is optimized for search engine crawling. Not every theme (and not every website building tool or platform) is built to keep up with these changes, which can make your updates confusing for visitors. This will lower your chances of keeping those visitors on your site, which definitely hurts your SEO rankings. Help your visitors navigate through the high volume of content on your website with a WordPress theme with easy-to-use menus, displays and navigation features.

Don’t forget about speed

More is not always better when it comes to website creation. If your website has all these great themes, plugins and display features but loads slowly, all that SEO work will be for nothing. You want to make sure you’re picking themes that don’t slow your site down and discourage visitors from clicking through with their sluggish loading times. Many WordPress themes make this easy to do while adding personality to your website. However, there are plenty of websites that function well with many plugins and features. The key is knowing which plugins work best for you, instead of just picking as many “good” ones as possible. At the end of the day, doing so will not help your website attract and hold visitors.

What are the Best WordPress Tags for SEO?

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This is a great question, because it brings in a couple concepts that can be confusing for beginning WordPress users. First, we should talk about tags on WordPress. You can assign tags to your posts to describe what the post is about, which can help organize your content even more specifically for your website’s visitors. Tags are related to categories, which do exactly what it sounds like they do: categorize your content. Categories are hierarchical, which allows you to assign them based on importance. This can also help organize your content and articles to make it easier for users to find and navigate.

Since categories and tags aren’t really meant to do the same thing, you don’t have to worry about using one over the other when it comes to implementing the best SEO tactics on your website. If your content is well-organized with relevant, hierarchical categories and even more specific tags, your SEO ranking can be improved. Really, it’s all about getting your content to your users in a way that’s easy and efficient. Doing so will not only draw more visitors to your site, but also keep them engaged and interested because they can see that your content is exactly what they’re looking for.

Best SEO Hosting Tools for WordPress

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When it comes to implementing and improving SEO on your website, there’s one more thing to keep in mind: where are you going to host your site? This question has many possible answers, since there are plenty of WordPress hosting companies that want to host your website. However, not all of these companies are going to put you or your website first. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in this article about building websites, it’s all about putting the customer first.

The best hosting company will help improve SEO on your website because it will make sure you can easily update and change your website without shutting it down and disrupting your online traffic. It will also provide regular updates and site reports, so you can see exactly how your site is doing and what changes should be made when necessary. It will offer easy migration so you can get your site off your old hosting service and onto the new one.

Say no more! WP Super Host is the hosting tool for you. If you want to become an SEO expert, WP Super Host’s features and services are sure to help get you there. Not only do we offer automated daily backups, update and plugin monitoring, easy migration and 24/7 customer support, but we also offer site speed reports. Since Google tends to consider site speed strongly in its algorithms, this WP Super Host feature can be very valuable in helping you evaluate your site’s speed and figure out ways to make it even better. If you want to become an SEO expert, check out the rest of our plans to get started saving the world with the best SEO-friendly website today!

Final thoughts

Becoming a WordPress SEO expert is easy and exciting when you have the right tools to help. Whether you’re just now learning about SEO, or you’ve already developed your own SEO knowledge and style, WP Super Host can help transform your website and wow your visitors. And that’s because, like you, we’re focused on one thing: putting our audience first.

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