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David Gunnels

It is easy to think of an online newsletter as annoying. We have all had to purge our email accounts of the occasional message intended to keep us up to date with the newest candle scents. It seems like there is no end to them sometimes. Retailers are quick to flood our inboxes to remind us that they exist. And while a lot of these are coupons and such, they use newsletters as a means of consistent annoyance every week or month.

However, not all newsletters are poorly executed. We have all been included in newsletters that have been more than welcome. These might come from organizations we are part of. And other times, they come from blogs we follow. And to be fair, some retail newsletters do not go straight to the trash. It really is just the ones from businesses we do not care about that bother us.

Newsletters can be a powerful way to keep your site members or consistent visitors on the same page. When used in the right way, it does not end up in the recycling bin unread. So it worth considering using your WordPress site as an outlet to release the occasional newsletter.

If you are interested in learning more about using a WordPress newsletter, take a second to look at the table of contents listed below.

Table of Contents

What is a WordPress Newsletter?

newsletter plugin for wp

We have all seen a newsletter. It may have been for a company, church, school, or something else. We are familiar with the concept. They have a list of upcoming events, current statuses, past performance, and anything else relevant for the moment. They are a way for people to keep up to date with a business or organization.

In regards to WordPress, newsletters are a digital, online version of the same. Instead of printing out dozens of copies to pass out in person, you can email the newsletter to your visitors or customers.

How to do a Newsletter

In general, newsletters follow a similar design. There are normally multiple columns on a single page that include small sections of text. Each section has a short title and description. These descriptions are much shorter than a blog post. They are closer to meta descriptions. And they work the same way too. You want each description to entice your reader to visit your site to read more.

You can build a newsletter in a variety of ways. You can always try to custom make one yourself on a Word Processor. However, that can be really frustrating and difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of publishing programs and applications that are built to help you create newsletters. And even better, you can even take advantage of WordPress for your newsletters too.

Do I Need a Template or Newsletter Plugin for WP?

how to do a newsletter

Before you get started drafting newsletters, you will want to get your hands on a WordPress newsletter plugin. The standard is a plugin simply titled Newsletter. **describe features of the plugin**

WordPress newsletter templates

Newsletters come with a consistent style by default. It would be confusing to see a different layout of a newsletter every month. So it is important to have a template you can refer to when making your newsletters.

A common feature of the top newsletter plugins is available templates. Plus, they usually include the ability to make your own. You can take one of the existing templates as a jumping-off point, of course. After you make the changes to make it your own, you can save it for future use.

Email Marketing with WordPress

how to post to wordpress via email

It is important to know how to send a newsletter. And when I say that, I mean it as more than just the process of literally emailing a newsletter. There is a lot of science behind email marketing. Before you jump into creating a system for delivering your monthly newsletters, you need to know at least some of the basics.

First, consistency is key. Humans are creatures of habit. We like to see patterns, and we like knowing what to expect. You can appeal to this quality by making sure your newsletters send at the same day and time every month.

Second, you need to be aware of the best times to send your newsletters. You do not want to send them in the dead of night. At best, your newsletter will get buried under every message sent between then or the morning. At worst, the notification might wake your reader in the early morning hours. Neither of these is good. The same is true for busy hours. Nobody has time to read personal emails in the middle of a hectic workday. Find a happy medium. Pick common downtimes where people are likely to check their phones, like nearing the end of the workday when things are winding down.

How to post to WordPress via email

There have been plenty of ways to make a WordPress post through email over the years. The best way to handle it, though, is with a great plugin. There is no shortage of plugins that can help you do this. One of the most well-known is a plugin called Jetpack.

After getting the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, you can access the settings in order to get started with your post-by-email. The key is to create a new email address that is intended only for posting to your website. You will need to make sure to never use this email for anything else so that the only messages it receives are legitimate posts from you. It honestly needs to be random so that nobody accidentally emails it too. The good news is that Jetpack has a random email generator to help you out.

Once you have that set up, you can email new posts to that specified account. When you do so, the subject line will be the title and the body will be the post itself. Keep in mind that you can have basic formatting, like italics, but anything involving font colors or similar aspects will not carry over to your post.

The system does a pretty good job of automatically scrubbing away signatures from your posts. It will even catch those “Sent from my iPhone” tags. But your best bet is to remember to tell Jetpack to stop the post yourself. You can do this by ending your email with a blank line and the tag [end] after the last line of your post. This will tell the system to not carry over any other information past that point.

The best part is that you can post more than just text. If you include an image inside the email message, it will display it in-line. If you post multiple at a time, it will format them into a gallery at that location. If you just want to have a couple of images posted in a row, you can use the tag [nogallery] to stop that automatic formatting.

You have a lot of the same functionality you have with posting directly from WordPress. You can include tags and categories ([tags example 1, example 2] and [category example 1, example 2]). You can even delay the post. If you want it to post the next day, just include [delay +1 day] in the post.

Does Hosting Affect my WordPress Newsletter

email marketing with wordpress

It is difficult to say for sure if your web hosting will directly affect your newsletters. It is possible that poor hosting could interrupt a scheduled task. If your site and site files are not available due to downtime, then that is a problem regardless. Newsletter or not, you need a host that you can rely on.

Your newsletters exist as support. They keep others in the loop and put your name at top of mind. To make sure your newsletter and the site it supports work best, you need hosting you can depend on. Your host needs to provide high speeds and bandwidth to support the number of visitors you expect for your site.

You can get great quality hosting with high speed and bandwidth with WP Super Host. We work hard to provide the most consistent performance and uptime. We also offer fantastic features like easy migration, an intuitive dashboard, SFTP access, and more. Our automated daily backups keep your work safe, and our update and plugin monitoring help make sure everything runs smoothly. And for any eCommerce needs, we have free SSL available for websites we host. When you are ready to look for a host for your new website, look into the hosting options from WP Super Host.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more that goes into newsletters than it first seems. It takes a lot more meaningful thought to make sure they are done right and tastefully. Else, you risk turning them into annoying advertisements.

Creating a system with a WordPress newsletter is a great way to add interaction with your site. It keeps your readers up to date on what is new and upcoming. However, make sure that you have a good idea of how you want to build your newsletters before going for it. And remember, sending newsletters sparingly is normally the way to go.

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