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David Gunnels

If you do not already know, there is often confusion considering WordPress hosting vs web hosting. Many people are not sure what the difference could be. It might seem deceptively simple at first glance, but it is as straightforward as it looks. One is for WordPress sites, and the other is a general term. They are both services that host your website for you. They both are responsible for keeping it operating and maintaining it for security (and sometimes performance). They keep your website up and available. And if you are using WordPress to manage your site’s content, then you have the option to use a specified WordPress hosting service instead of a generic web host.

You have likely heard it referred to as WordPress hosting vs regular hosting or web hosting vs managed WordPress hosting. Usually, each of these concepts points to same discussion. Regardless it is only referring to the difference between websites that use WordPress as their management software or not. That is, as long as those websites are using an actual WordPress host. Simply having a WordPress website being hosted by a typical web host does not suddenly change it into WordPress hosting.

Table of Contents

Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

web hosting vs managed wordpress hosting

To start, what is the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting? As stated above, the difference is in whether or not you are using WordPress to build and manage your site. WordPress is the most popular manager for websites, so it is likely you have at least heard of it. Well, the popularity is enough to where there are hosts designed specifically for sites running WordPress. This gives owners of WordPress sites specifically a better option for hosting.

Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to where your website lives. On the internet your website is available. However, it needs a physical location to actually be made available. Your host is who manages that location. It needs to be a server that is connected to the internet and that can handle the content and bandwidth necessary for people to visit your site. Your host will likely have some features, but they likely will not work in conjunction with your content management system. Typical features include offering a dashboard as well as customer support.

There are many companies who handle web hosting. They each offer different packages to suit your needs. Not everyone needs multiple sites and a ton of storage for website content. A good website host will have options for newcomers making their first site as well as established sites looking to migrate to a new host. At some point, you may find that your site is growing close to the limits of your current package. In this situation, it is typical to upgrade to the next package in a seamless transition. If that is not available, you can always use the situation as a reason to see out a migration. Many hosts offer a really easy migration progress.

WordPress Hosting

On the other hand, you have WordPress hosting. It works the same way. Again, the only difference is in the content manager. Your WordPress site also needs a place to live. It needs a physical place to call its own. Here, though, the host is specifically set up the accommodate WordPress sites. This helps not only with high efficiency, but with cost as well. A well optimized system is a great way to save money.

A WordPress host will usually offer the exact same features as typical web hosting. You still need fast speeds and appropriate bandwidth. You also need storage large enough to keep all of the data that your site is using. Aside from that, a WordPress hosting website can offer features that work alongside WordPress. Often, they can monitor for updates. They can also keep track of your plugins. This means fewer things to worry about and fewer headaches as well. That is just one of the extra benefits for having a host designed around your content manager.

When to Use WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting

what is the difference between web hosting and wordpress hosting

Now that you have an understanding of both WordPress hosting and regular web hosting, we can look at where each of these is best utilized. If you are using WordPress to manage your site, then WordPress hosting is likely your best option. It will have everything you need better catered to you without a high price tag. If you are not using WordPress, then find a traditional web host. Or, you could always reevaluate your content management system. Perhaps now is the time to swap to WordPress. Not only will this open up WordPress servers to you, it will also offer you a world of themes and plugins through the open source system it has.

Why Use WordPress?

web hosting vs managed wordpress hosting

So we understand the difference is between web hosting and WordPress hosting is whether or not you are using WordPress. So the primary decision behind it all is whether or not to use WordPress. As far as tools to build and manage website content, WordPress is the most popular for a reason.

An effective website content manager needs to be easy to use. It has to be easy to understand and navigate. It also needs all of the tools and capabilities to handle all of your website needs. There are so many drastically different websites, a good CMS is versatile to fit everyone’s needs. So in comparing different outlets, there are a few factors to take into consideration.


WordPress is an open source product. This means that it is free to use. This also has the source code available. This does not mean that you need to know how to code to use it. However, it does let those who can code create imaginative themes and plugins. There are countless options available. You can even use one theme for a while before deciding to swap it up. Not every website building tool gives you that option.

This level of customization does make WordPress a little more involved than competitors. Regardless, it still has a user friendly design that accommodates for beginners. And after getting a little experience using WordPress, the extra options for customization will be a breath of fresh air.


Websites have evolved past being glorified brochures. The days of just having your website list information to be read is over. Now, sites are much more likely to have ways to interact with visitors. There are comments, live chat, support tickets, fund raising, and much more.

WordPress could potentially be considered modular based on how you can implement different plugins and features. This goes back to the customization offered by WordPress. While competitors can offer pre-built templates, they cannot offer the same options for interacting with your visitors. WordPress even allows your website to host its own comments instead of just pulling them from social media.


It is hard to beat WordPress in regards to SEO for your website. There are many choices for popular plugins that help with your SEO. Some of these can check to see if your website content is best optimized to SEO best practices. Others can guide you by offering keyword ideas, monitoring your competitors performance, and tracking your own performance on Google.

Other services without as much customization do not have these kinds of options. At best, they have an internal tool inside the builder to help with SEO. By design, these cannot be as versatile as WordPress. If you want anything more, you would have to research and find external services.

Best Hosting for WordPress

difference between web hosting and wordpress hosting

If you are using WordPress, why not use a hosting service that is more specialized for your needs? These professional services have fixed their focus to better suit your website. Not only that, but the options available are cost effective and inexpensive. Luckily, there are fantastic choices out there.

In general, WP Super Host has everything you need in web hosting. We offer different hosting packages to best suit your specific uses. We accommodate different needs in terms of number of sites, visitors, storage, and available bandwidth. Plus, our services include a wide range of extra features. These include super fast setup, easy migration, plugin and update monitoring, daily backups, CDN and more. Look at the hosting we have to offer and find the right option for you. If you need help, our customer support is available 24/7.

Final Thoughts on Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting vs regular hosting final thoughts

By now, you should know about what is the difference between WordPress and website hosting. It all comes down to the content management system. If you are using WordPress, there is no reason to trust your hosting to a general host. Even though it is likely that another web host can offer hosting for your website, it will likely not be as clean and optimized. So, now you know that in the world of WordPress hosting vs web hosting, you are better off going with the former. Just keep in mind this means you will be using WordPress.

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