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David Gunnels

It is safe to say that nearly everyone considers blogging at some point. A lot of people dive right in, post a few times, and then forget about it. Sometimes, this ends up being the case because they forgot to ask one question:

“What should I blog about?”

When making a new blog, that question is as annoying as it is important. It is annoying because it’s just exhausting to figure out. It is downright overwhelming with how many options there are. On the other hand, it is important because it means you actually care. You are trying to put actual thought into your blog. You could easily just wing it, but instead, you are wanting to actually focus on something. So how do you go about answering this?

Navigate through the article with the table of contents below if you are hoping to answer the question, “what should I blog about today?”

Table of Contents

What can I Blog About?

what can i blog about

It is important to start by knowing the limits of what you can blog about. First, let’s take a look at what a blog is.

What is a blog?

A blog is an informal collection of content that a person or team updates regularly. Each update is considered a post. Depending on the format of the blog’s website, each post can either have its own page or several posts populate a single webpage. This usually depends on the typical length of each post. While posts consisting of around 2,000 words are typically considered a gold-standard for SEO, it is not uncommon to find blogs reaching that word count with 4 separate 500-word posts.

Blogs typically follow a theme or stick to a single topic. In the ’90s and early 2000s, blogs were often just public journals. The common theme was descriptions of life events and musings. Now, social media has taken that mantle. Blogs have adapted to take on an actual purpose. Many successful blogs attract readers regularly with new content about a shared interest. Others are supplemental parts of larger sites. It is normal to see a business include a blog on their site in order to grab the attention of potential customers. Once a visitor clicks onto the site, they notice that the company just happens to have products or services related to the post they want to read.

Limits on blog topics

Depending on the country where you live, you might have certain limitations on what you are allowed to post online. Under the right circumstances, a politically charged blog can attract quite a following. In others, you would be lucky to only have your site taken down. There are plenty of worse consequences possible, so be careful.

Regardless of where you live, you cannot really blog about illegal topics. For example, a blog detailing the best ways to sell illicit substances will likely be investigated quickly. It is best to just avoid any of that stuff and stick to the countless topics that are perfectly legal. And it is not the best idea to try and press your luck with “gray areas” in the law. Why take any risks?

Aside from those, you should just pay attention. Be smart and keep your eyes open, and it will likely be obvious what topics are off-limits. With that aside, we can get into the real question.

How to Decide What to Blog About

what to blog about

Considering what to write a blog about, the sky is the limit. This is both wonderful and terrible. It is great because there is limitless potential here. There is even a blog that is all about Halloween all year long. However, the drawback is an overwhelming sense of being lost in a sea of topics. Do not get discouraged, though. Just take it one step at a time.

What should I blog about?

When you are figuring out what to blog about, start with what you know. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? For example, let’s say you are a huge cinephile. You love movies, and you want to blog about them. That is a great place to start. Now, we need to focus it a little. The idea of just “movies” is far too broad.

Do you keep up with the latest news of upcoming releases? Your topic can be cinema news, rumors, and speculation. Are you part of the indie scene? Maybe your blog can be a spotlight on underappreciated films. This can also be the case for classic films. You can even go more creative. Maybe you want to take two unrelated movies and blog about how they exist in a shared universe. You never know who might be interested to read about how Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Seven are part of the same world.

How do I blog about it?

So now you know what your blog will be about. But how are you going to write that post? This idea is often overlooked by new bloggers, and they hit a wall when they get to this stage. Just like how there are so many topics, there are countless ways to write about them.

Let’s take that video gaming blog for example. Even if you know for a fact that you are posting a game review, how do you want to craft it? Do you want it to have a lot of personality, or would you rather it be objective? There are options to include screenshots and gameplay clips. Do you want to take those yourself or use some from the press release? You can even be creative and write it out as satire from the perspective of living in the game world.

Do not be shy to play to your strengths. Are you crazy analytical? Blog about in-depth breakdowns of game mechanics, story, or social impact. Do you get emotionally invested in your games? Go all out on your blog. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is try and hold yourself back. It is the unleashed personality that turns the most heads.

How do I Find a Blog Niche?

what can i blog about

Discovering a blog niche is more than thinking about topics. A niche is a little alcove in the blogging world that you can call your own. This takes all of the features we covered into consideration. A consistent blog topic and style give your blog a unique identity and personality.

Your blog niche should form naturally when your topic and style mix. You need to play around with these to get them to fit just right. A slight tweak to the topic or a reconsidered style of writing can make all the difference. When something works, it will feel like it fits together in an interesting way. It is important to now take your own perception at its word. Grab a few friends and run the idea (and examples) by them.

How Do I Show Off my Site and Blogging Niche?

what should i write about in my blog

So now, you have great ideas and an idea of where and how to get started. You have even found a little blog niche to get cozy in. But how do you get from idea to published website? To get your blog online, there are a few things you need to acquire.


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites, especially blogs. It started off as a blogging platform, and it is perfectly suited for them. Today, there is still no better CMS in the blog world than WordPress. There are plenty of other options out there, but they come with a lot more limitations and higher price tags.

WordPress is free. It is an opensource software that is readily available to everyone. That is not only great for your wallet, but it is fantastic for customization. Since the code is shared, many people have been able to create intuitive and creative add-ons (called plugins) for WordPress. Different plugins can do things like help you with SEO, take payments online, integrate social media, and much more.


You will need to register your own domain. A domain is the name of the site that people can type into their search bars. In regards to https://www.google.com/, the domain would be google.com.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not provide a domain for you. Instead, you need to find another service to get one. There are a few different domain registrars online where you can reserve your own domain. The process is simple: you search for a domain and if nobody owns it, you can pay to reserve it for yourself. After that, you just need to renew your domain before it expires.

So now you have your blog idea, WordPress, and your own domain. There is one final thing you need before your blog is live.


Hosting is how others are able to visit your website online. A host stores your website on a server and opens it to the internet so that anyone can visit it. It is a simple premise, but not all hosts are created equal. You will likely see free options, but these are usually bad ideas. If they are not outright scams to get your data, they will often fill your site with advertisements and not give it a second thought. The best case with a free host is that your site is put on a server with many others, putting your site speeds at a crawl.

Honestly, you worked too hard on getting this far to settle for poor hosting. Your blog deserves better. And to be honest, hosting these days is not expensive. Considering a WordPress blog, your best option is to find a service that offers managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is designed to work alongside your CMS to be more efficient and to offer more features than others. And since these hosts are optimized for the opensource WordPress, the performance and features do not inflate the cost. The first thing you will notice is really high speeds and uptime. In terms of WP Super Host, you will also get features like update and plugin monitoring. We also help keep you in the loop by offering speed reports and keeping an eye on your uptime. On top of that, we offer daily backups, a staging environment, and a clean dashboard.

A host for your blog is something you do not want to cut corners for. Finding affordable hosting that you can count on can be confusing. That is why WP Super Host has focused on providing the best possible managed WordPress hosting at great prices. See for yourself and compare the prices and features of our hosting packages.

Final Thoughts

What should I blog about? It is an important question with a dynamic answer. You need to write about what you know, and you should write it your way. Make a plan, build a WordPress site, reserve your domain, and get that blog hosted. The sooner you get it live, the sooner we can all read it.

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