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Alli Davis

Some of my favorite childhood memories happened at my dad’s work. He used to own a local outdoor store that sold hardcore camping and climbing gear. I used to love going to work with him, because that meant playing hide and seek with his small team of employees, watching Winnie the Pooh videos in the storage room and transforming large shipping boxes into my very own clubhouse. When I was 3, owning a small business meant having lots of fun. I didn’t see the hours of hard work my dad and his team put into their product sales, marketing and website every single day.

If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t need me to tell you that owning a small business is hard. But maybe you need to hear about some solutions that can make your experience a little easier. One simple way you can make this happen is by understanding why good website management for small business matters. My dad’s small business didn’t last like he hoped it would, but without that work he put into his website, it would never have made it at all. With everything else on your plate, you can’t afford to spend time making tedious updates, backing up your website every day or keeping tabs on all your plugins. As a small business owner, you’re already juggling a thousand other tasks. But here’s the thing: you might not think these things are worth your time, but without a competitive website, your small business won’t stand out at all. Good news: with the right website hosting service, you can leave your website to the pros and succeed as a small business.

Table of Contents

Why Does Your Small Business Need Good Website Management?

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First, I think it’s important to talk about why any business or individual needs good website management. There are several types of website hosting, but managed website hosting is going to give your small business’ website all the tools it needs to thrive.

What is website hosting?

Managed website hosting is something that’s necessary for all websites to function. When you make your website with a tool like WordPress, you’ll need to find a hosting company to manage your website. I like to think that website hosts and party hosts are almost the same thing. When you host a party, you invite lots of people to a fun location and provide food and entertainment for your guests. When a company hosts a website, it provides certain features that allow the website to perform at its best. These features include: intuitive user dashboards (so you can easily make changes and manage your website), regular website backups, plugin monitoring and the best customer service.

It’s easy to think that free website hosting or self-hosting is cheaper than managed website hosting. This might appear true on the surface, but as you’ll see in this article, it’s not the reality. We’ve seen too many small business owners get burned because they didn’t invest in their own websites by choosing good website hosts. Don’t get blinded by the price tag–WP Super Host is here to help you find the best, most affordable hosting solutions so you don’t get burned.

How can it help your small business?

Your small business needs good website hosting because you simply cannot afford the opposite (and trust me – there are plenty of opposites out there.) With good website hosting, you won’t spend so much of your valuable time worrying about the simplest functions of your website. You’ll be able to focus on the things that truly matter to your customers, like offering them the best products, solutions, ideas and advice.

Research suggests that by the year 2040, nearly 95% of purchases won’t happen in stores: they’ll happen online. That means that your website needs to not only keep up with your competitors, but also outshine them. With the right website hosting service, you can enjoy top-notch hosting features that will make your website run smoothly and effectively.

What are the Best Features of Website Hosting for Small Businesses?

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Without these features and services, your website could crash without any warning. This is because other hosting options, like free services or self-hosting, open up your website to plenty of risks. These include security breaches, hackers and malware. It’s a hard reality, but this can happen to all kinds of businesses, even the smallest mom-and-pop shops who are changing their communities. When it comes to manipulating and taking advantage of others, the bad guys don’t discriminate.


It’s important to have a content delivery network because you want your customers to be able to access your website no matter where they are. If you’re running a major sale over a holiday, a lot of people might miss it because they can’t access your website as easily when they’re traveling. CDNs make it possible for your customers to access your website all around the world because they host copies of your website in various locations, instead of in just one location that’s closest to you. This feature makes it easy and convenient to communicate with your customers.

Update and plugin monitoring

WordPress plugins make your website easy to use, but how do you know which plugins are serving you in the best way? With daily updates and plugin monitoring, your website hosting service can let you know what features on your website are doing well, and what features need to be improved. This allows you to hand over the technical aspects of your website to talented developers, instead of giving yourself a headache while you try to find seemingly impossible solutions.


If you’re a small business owner, you need to make sure that your website is protected by maximum security. This is a dealbreaker, because you simply can’t afford to lose your website because of a malicious attack from hackers or software. The best website hosting services know how important this is for you and your small business, so they’re not going to charge you an arm and a leg.

What Does Good Website Hosting and Management Cost?

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You might hear that you can’t afford good website hosting because you’re a small business, but I’m here to bust that myth. Yes, it’s true that managed website hosting will cost more than free website hosting (duh), but like I said, it is worth it in the end. When you build your website with WordPress, you get a lot more freedom to run your website exactly how you want to.

Not only will you have access to awesome website features that will help you best reach your goals, but you’ll also get to choose how much you pay to host your website. If you build your website with a service like Squarespace or Wix, you won’t have to find a host. But, you’ll be stuck with their hosting, which can inhibit your freedom and creativity. With WordPress, you get more freedom to build your website and more freedom to choose your website host. Since there are so many hosting services and features, that opens up a world of awesome possibilities.

What’s the Best Website Management Service For Small Business?

website management for small business, best web hosting services for small business

If you’re looking for the most affordable and highest quality option, look no further. WP Super Host is here to save the day! With our Sidekick plan starting at just $17.50 a month (paid annually), you’ll enjoy all of the most important features for your website, like CDN, free automatic SSL, WordPress and plugin update monitoring and (of course) the best customer service. If you want to host even more sites with WP Super Host, you can choose between our Hero or Titan Plans. But it just keeps getting better! If you don’t think our plans are the exact solution your small business needs, then we will work with you to find custom solutions that are unique to you and your goals. This is a great solution for small business owners, because it can be really hard to know exactly what you need when you’re just starting out. You get to choose how many websites you host on our service, the number of monthly visits and how much disk storage and bandwidth you want your site to have.

Not only do we offer versatile plans and customizable features for your website hosting needs, but we also offer all the most valuable features at little or no cost to you. Many website hosts will charge you extra for SSL certificates, daily backups or global CDNs. Not WP Super Host. This is because we put our customers first, meaning that we’re ready to go above and beyond to make sure your website gets the best treatment out there. As a small business ourselves, we know exactly what it means to have reliable service that cares about the things we care about. We treat our small business customers the way we would want to be treated, and that’s a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that running a small business is hard. Small business owners take giant leaps of faith, often with little or no support from those around them. I’ll never forget the memories I got to share with my dad when he owned his small business. Even though I was too young at the time to understand the hard work and sacrifices he made to keep it running, I’m still learning from his experience today. As a small business owner, your website needs to be your top priority. Our WP Super Host team can handle the job because we want to see your dreams come true just as much as you do.

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