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David Gunnels

The worldwide web has such a prominent place in our society and there are websites for everything. Nothing is off-limits. Even the most mundane or pointless subject has at least a few dozen websites covering it. Because of that, it is easy to see that even students could get some use out of building their own personal website. However, this could easily be the first website you have had to make. At the very least, it is likely the first website you make to help with your academic and professional life. So it is completely normal to have questions like how to build a great website and where to find web hosting for students.

Wherever you are on your goal of finding web hosting for college students, use the table of contents below and jump to the section you need.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting for Students?

The simple answer to this question is that you need website hosting if you have a website. There is no way around that. A website is the best place for showing a resume, examples of work, contact information, and other aspects that are crucial to students and those freshly entering the job market. So taking your academic and professional life seriously requires keeping a running website. And by default, this means you need to find a host.

Next, we should learn what a web host actually does. A web host provides a place for your website to exist so that others can visit it. Your website has to actually be somewhere, and that location needs an open connection to the worldwide web. Think of it like you are a chef at a restaurant. You use all of these great tools in your kitchen to make a really great meal. There is someone who wants to eat that meal. Before they can even try it, the plate of food needs to be accessible: it needs a place where the diner can get to it. You are not going to just let them walk into your kitchen where you prepare the meals. Instead, you open a dining room that is open to the public. Now, people can visit your restaurant and try all of your food.

Web hosting features

Continuing with the restaurant analogy, different dining rooms and dining room tables provide different qualities. Some are arranged efficiently so that the service can move quickly. Others have tools, like silverware, available for your guests to better experience your meals. Having more than one door into the kitchen means more food can move at the same time. The same is true regarding features for website hosting. Web hosts can offer high speeds, high or unlimited bandwidth, CDN, backups, monitoring, and more. And to be honest, the features you need usually depend on what you are using your website for.

SSH file transfer protocol

It is common for students to have use for an SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). SFTP is a method of transferring and managing data remotely. It is a secure version of the traditional FTP method. Having SFTP on your website gives you the functionality to more easily and effectively transfer any large projects to your website and manage them. This can be for display purposes as well as sharing purposes. When you need to make sure you have access to your academic or private projects from anywhere, you can transfer a copy to your website through SFTP. This greatly reduces the risk of plagiarism that comes with trusting this sensitive information to public cloud servers like Google Drive. It is also set up to limit access to anyone who has the credentials you provide. As an added bonus, this method of data transfer is known to be faster than other methods.

Options for Web Hosting Sites for Students

There are a lot of web hosting services online that it can be difficult to make heads or tails of it all. The first quality people normally look for is the price. Web hosting ranges a lot in pricing: from free to hundreds of dollars per month. A lot of the difference lies in qualities like storage for website data, bandwidth, and the number of websites.

Do not worry when you see many packages with prices out of your comfort zone. Most of the time, these packages are meant for people who have a need to host a large number of different websites. This is often for web developers who build websites for others and manage the hosting. For them, they can make a profit creating and hosting websites for others and collecting monthly fees from them. If you do not have use for a couple of dozen websites, then do not be scared away by those packages.

Free web hosting for students

Regardless of what stage you are at in your academic career, budget is absolutely a factor. First, do not let free hosting catch your eye. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone is paying for that hosting that you are getting. And if it is not you, then you are not really the host’s priority. In these cases, there will usually be ads on your website that you have no control over. Having advertisements on your own website gives visitors the idea that you are endorsing the companies advertising. This can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings that can possibly damage your reputation.

If this free host is not putting ads on your site, then they may be marketing your data and the data of what all happens on your website. Again, somebody is paying the host for the resources that host your website. Even with these factors aside, since you are not the customer, there is not much of a need to provide fast speeds or even reliable uptime for your website. All of this works together to give you a pretty bad headache that is not worth any money you may have saved.

Cheap web hosting for students

Even the cheapest web hosting you can find will most likely outperform any free options by a wide margin. That being said, going with the cheapest option is not always for the best. This is for a couple of reasons. First, the cheapest prices are usually due to some kind of limited-time promotion. Even if they do not clearly spell it out, once a short trial expires, they could surprise you with a much larger bill. And if you are thinking of taking advantage of a promotion and moving to a new host when it expires, not every host makes it easy to migrate away from them. They hope to rope you in with a cheap initial rate and make it not worth the trouble of moving it when that rate goes up.

Otherwise, keep an eye on the features. It is likely that a suspiciously cheap hosting service will sacrifice certain features that you really need. They will usually come with really low storage, so this stops you from being able to post many examples of your work or high definition images or video. And even if you can include those things, it is common to have such low bandwidth, that visitors struggle to even see your website content. In the end, you need to find a nice medium. You need a host that can provide consistently great service at reasonable prices. One way to get this is with a WordPress host.

WordPress hosting for students

WordPress hosting offers a great balance between efficiency and cost. These hosts are optimized for WordPress sites. This way, they can offer better quality service and features for the sites they host using fewer resources. Everything is made to work seamlessly with WordPress. Of course, the only caveat is that you need to have your site on the WordPress platform. However, considering that WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites, that is not much of a trade-off. WordPress has been around for many years and has a reputation for being easy to use with a lot of customization. So it is pretty much a bonus that going with WordPress gives you access to WordPress hosting.

Also, it is fairly simple to learn how to make a WordPress website with web hosting for students. There are quite a few guides that can help you get started.

Best Web Hosting for Students

With all of this in mind, what is the best web host for students? For one, it needs to be budget-conscious. But, as listed above, the cheapest option is not always the best choice. If there are no hidden costs or limited-time promotional prices, then it will likely be unreliable or inefficient for your needs. However, you also do not want the bill that comes with the largest package of the biggest names. Find the middle ground where you can have dependable quality and uptime for a consistent and reasonable price per month.

From this point, the task is to find a host that offers a package with the features you need. If you are using your student website as a portfolio for short films, music production, or other large-size media, then you want the storage and bandwidth to accommodate it all. Get an idea of how many projects you want to display on your site at once and the average size of these projects. From there, pick a package that gives you storage one step up from your calculation to compensate for larger projects. Even with storage, you will need enough bandwidth to support large transfers of data without throttling speeds for your website. Even without large projects on your website, there is no reason to get hosting that does not offer at least 100 GB of bandwidth.

WP Super Host

There are other features to keep in mind too. Instead of spreading one website really thin with many different kinds of projects, maybe you need hosting for multiple websites at once. It is a good idea to go with a host that offers a free SSL certificate for your site. If your student portfolio site ever becomes a professional portfolio where visitors can buy your services, you will need that SSL certificate before you can collect money. And you may as well subscribe with a host that regularly monitors site uptime, WordPress updates, plugins, and site speed. Daily backups are a must too. The good news about this is that all of these features and more are provided by WP Super Host. For all of your needs as a student, visit the WP Super Host pricing page to find the package that is right for you.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see how important web hosting for students can be. This is often your first impression for people, schools, and companies interested in you. Whether you use it as a showcase or even a detailed, digital resume, you can highlight the exact achievements you want. And while it does cost an investment of money each month, the potential benefits easily outweigh the costs.

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