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David Gunnels

I dated an artist back in high school and college. She started out drawing and then expanded to painting and graphic design later on. When we moved in together while attending college, we were broke. From the high cost of living, tuition, books, art supplies, and more, we were stretched beyond thin. One of the ways she wanted to help out was to apply for art contests, grants, tutoring, and more.

None of those things ever panned out. Don’t get me wrong, she was actually a fantastic artist. She had a unique style, and I liked her work even after we broke up. One of the biggest problems was due to disorganization when it came to her portfolio. Since she was interested in many different mediums, each application needed a different set of samples. Considering that she was working and taking classes full time, it was easy to lose track of which samples went where and who still needed some.

Thinking back on it now, I remember that when I would help her with an application, I would often see an option to enter in the website address of your portfolio. At the time, neither of us gave that a second thought. We assumed that only fully established artists would have the luxury of a full website dedicated to their artwork. Or at the very least, it took someone with plenty of money to spare. If only we thought to at least look into web hosting, we would have seen that it is surprisingly affordable. Also, it would have saved her a lot of time and headaches. With a website, she could have had a single spot for all mediums of her best artwork, and she would only need to add new samples of her work to one place. If we had read this blog back then, we probably could have saved ourselves a lot of grief. Thankfully, I’m here to help you avoid those same mistakes by telling you what I learned.

To get more insight into web hosting for artists, take a look at the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What is Web Hosting for Artists?

web hosting for artists

Web hosting refers to the location your website exists online. Every site has to actually be present on at least one physical server connected online for others to see it. These servers support the resources (images, videos, media, site map, etc.) as well as the visitors who access the site. A web host provides that service. They offer the use of their hardware and software and set aside space on one of their servers to accommodate your website.

Different kinds of hosting

There are several different kinds of hosting available. First, you will likely notice that many well-respected companies offer web hosting. Each one offers different packages with corresponding subscription prices. Depending on the host, these prices range from cheap to affordable to near-luxury. Keep in mind that there are several providers out there that offer really great hosting for your website at surprisingly comfortable prices.

Another option you will likely notice is free hosting. These will most likely come from names you have not heard before. You should always be wary of free hosting. Keep in mind that if you are not paying for the service, then that means someone else is. At best, you are the product instead of the client. To your free host, you might just be advertising space, data for collection, or even a target for hacking. You are always better off paying for it.

Another popular avenue is self-hosting. Many computer-savvy people go this route. However, if you do not already have the hardware for a server, then you will have a very high upfront cost. Not only that, but you are also the one responsible for maintaining that server. This includes making sure all software is up to date, security is working perfectly, and hardware is regularly checked and replaced if needed. If you are not comfortable with all of that, then you are better off shying away from self-hosting for your artist website.

Hosting for artists

In regards to artists, web hosting does not look much different. Artists can benefit from the same hosting packages as others. What is important to remember is that every site has different needs. Sites hosting their own short films need a lot of storage space. For photography, you would need a host that can provide enough speed and bandwidth to quickly load your images for every visitor on every page.

Finding an Artist Website Host

artist web hosting

The first step to finding your web host is to audit your needs. Take stock of what you are going to use your website for. What kind of artwork will you feature? How much artwork do you want up at a time? Do you already have a following in online artist communities? You will need these answers in order to get the web hosting you need.

Videos take a lot of storage, especially if you are showing off high quality and high frames per second. And as people watch your films, your bandwidth can go through the roof. Make sure you have a clear idea of how much storage space and bandwidth you need. You do not want to find out after the fact that you do not have enough room for your work.

Whenever possible, make sure to look at reviews and testimonials. Get a feel for common issues as well as things people rave about. This is the best way to compare different hosts with identical packages and similar claims.

Web Hosting for Artist Portfolio

best web hosting for artists

You might be seeking out an artist website host to feature your portfolio. In this case, there are only a couple of extra ideas to keep in mind. You likely will not need as much space and bandwidth as an art blog. Your portfolio is not intended to draw in a large audience. You only want people who are considering commissioning you, hiring you, or accepting your application. So the low traffic drops your need for bandwidth.

Your portfolio only needs a few samples of your very best work to be on display. Since you will not typically be posting new content, you will not need access to a lot of storage. When you do add in a new piece, you will likely be replacing an old one so that your online gallery is not crowded.

You will also definitely want to make sure your artist web host gives maximum uptime. Any serious inquiries need to be met with a live site. You cannot chance a potential client or university passing over you because your web hosting was experiencing downtime.

What is the Best Web Hosting for Artists?

web hosting for artist portfolio

The best web hosting site for artists will have the storage and bandwidth your site needs to quickly load your artwork. It will also be able to support things like daily backups. When you are dealing with large files and careful organization, backups are crucial. It is also a good idea to have someone experienced watching over you. That is why managed WordPress hosting exists.

A managed WordPress takes the job of maintaining your hosting. This includes keeping up the hardware, security, and performance. The best ones, like WP Super Host, even provide monitoring for WordPress updates, plugins, and uptime. This way, you stay in the loop. We even provide site speed reports with suggestions on how your site could perform better.

In case your art is closer to the web design side, we have staging and development environments for you. And every website we host has SFTP access and an incredibly intuitive dashboard. Are you more interested in potentially selling your work? Every site we host has access to free SSL certification.

For artists, WP Super Host offers the performance, reliability, and features you need. Let our hassle-free hosting help shine a spotlight on your website. Do you already have a website hosted somewhere else? We offer easy migration to make the transition a breeze. For whatever way your website features art, you will have put a lot of effort into it. Make sure to do it justice by getting high quality and affordable web hosting from WP Super Host. Take a few moments to look through our hosting packages today.

Final Thoughts

Web hosting for artists can be beneficial in so many ways, something I wish I would have known during that period of my life in college. Whether you are blogging or just need a portfolio, a website is the best and most cost-effective way to do it. You get to show off your artwork in a neat package. And when you direct people to your site, you know that everyone is seeing the best you have to offer. Plus, you do not need to keep track of different portfolios for different purposes. The same website link can be given to people interested in your blogging, ceramics portfolio, or anything else you want to show.

Do not forget how important it is to get a reliable web host to go along with your website. You want to make sure anyone trying to visit your site does not have any trouble making the connection. This is most true for any professional or academic applications.

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