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David Gunnels

I once had a friend who worked as a web designer for an agency. He designed websites for many different clients while I knew him. He hated dealing with the clients, but he loved building the websites.

The most common complaint I would hear from him was about clients reaching out to him after launch because their site was down. Of course, he would have to drop everything to dive in and see what the problem was. Every single time, the issue was with the web host the agency used. They were dropping connection all the time, especially with newly built sites. All he could do was get on the phone with the host and poke them until they found and fixed the problem.

This is why finding the best web hosting for agencies is so important. This is especially true for ones just starting out. This problem costs his company repeat business and referrals all the time. And when it comes to small, independent agencies, that can be a death sentence.

To learn more about web hosting for agencies, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

WordPress Hosting for Agencies

best hosting for agencies


WordPress is one of the oldest and most successful CMSs (content management systems) around. There are a ton of benefits to using WordPress. It is common enough where most people you work with will be familiar with it. It is free to use, even for commercial purposes. It is also opensource, so there is a nearly endless stream of plugins, themes, and general support to help your WordPress site perform better.

Plugins and themes

WordPress has an opensource nature, so creators have access to the code that makes WordPress run. This makes it very easy to figure out how to make add-ons play nice with the code. This has led to a wide network of plugins and themes that help customize and optimize websites.

Plugins range from little weather widgets to SEO optimization to Shopify eCommerce functionality. Nearly anything you can think of has a quality plugin for WordPress. If you happen to find a topic not covered, it is not ridiculous to think about building it yourself. If you are successful, then you can always advertise it and charge others to use it.

Themes are another great way to add interesting touches to WordPress sites. At first glance, they may look like template designs. Some are, but others are full systems that overhaul how WordPress designs the look and feel of the sites you built. They add new features and elements to add more flavor and options in your designs. Anything that can add new tools to your belt can help set your agency apart from others.

Hosting specifically for WordPress

Another benefit is that using WordPress opens up the option to use WordPress hosting services. These services are designed with WordPress in mind. This makes them better at providing stable hosting. It also gives these hosts chances to implement new features for their customers. Also, the increased efficiency of this system often leads to lower prices for you.

As far as which host and what features to look for, it depends on what your agency provides.

What You Need in Hosting for Creative Agency Websites

web hosting for agencies

Website agencies that specialize in the creative field have specific needs. The same is true about hosting for a marketing agency website. In regards to creative agency websites that develop and design websites, they will need the proper tools for the job. they need to be able to play around with different designs and development choices. S0, using a host that provides staging and dev environments is an absolute must.

These website agencies likely need to have a selection of other features too. These include SFTP functionality, daily backups, and comprehensive monitoring of updates, plugins, and uptime. And a host that provides free SSL certificates is great when working with eCommerce sites. Otherwise, you or your client will be eating that yearly cost.

Speed and bandwidth

The core concern for most websites is speed. How fast can a visitor load the site? Can they navigate the site quickly and easily? Are the streaming content and high-resolution images loading appropriately? Today, slow sites are dead in the digital water. Users are accustomed to lightning speeds online. They have an aversion to slow service: it makes them feel antsy. When that happens, they leave. More than that, though, Google cannot stand slow websites. When their crawlers note a site suffers from poor speed, they penalize the rank hard. Remember, Google wants people to use its search engine. And if they feature slow websites on the first page, users will get frustrated.

Another question worth asking is, “how much activity can be on my website in a given time?” Exchanging data online costs money. It takes energy and resources to make it work. So things that use a lot of data, like streaming 4k video, cost a lot more money than someone reading a blog post. In the same boat, ten million users reading a blog post costs more money than 10 users would. To account for that, there are often bandwidth limits. You can still have incredible speed, but if you exceed your maximum amount of allowed activity, performance plummets.

Caps on bandwidth are not scams or ways to screw over customers. They exist so that hosts can feel comfortable giving lower prices to owners of smaller websites that will not need a lot of bandwidth. If I am using my website to only host my resume, then it is likely I do not need access to packages with unlimited bandwidth. However, if I run an agency, having unlimited bandwidth can give me the peace of mind I need to continue running my business.


You cannot afford to lose your own website, let alone websites for your clients. You need to make sure your host provides backups for the sites. Not only that, but they need to be daily. Multiple days, a week, or even a month of progress and changes on a website can hit hard. You need to always be able to revert back to the previous day.

But what if you notice a major issue made last week? Yesterday’s backup cannot help you here. Your host needs to do more than back up the site daily. They also need to offer these backups up to a month later. This way, if your client notices prices are out of whack or entire pages are deleted, you can find a version of the site before the problem occurred.


Running an agency means keeping things running smoothly for many different clients. It is unrealistic to assume you can manually keep an eye on everything at once. Luckily, there is no need to buy expensive software or hire someone just to keep tabs on the websites you manage. The best hosting options will offer monitoring services for the sites they host.

In regards to WP Super Host, this means monitoring uptimes 24/7. If any of our sites go down, we see it right away. This gives everyone a jumpstart in figuring out and fixing the issue. We also monitor for WordPress updates and plugin conflicts. This way, you can always be prepared to take care of any bumps along the way. And when you need to analyze the site’s performance, we offer speed reporting.

Best Hosting for Agencies

best hosting for small web agency

At the end of the day, who provides the best hosting for a small web agency website? It all comes down to the features that suit you best. Running an agency means you will different needs than the casual user. Your host needs to meet those needs, including the ones highlighted above.

First, you need the ability to create many different websites. Your host should have packages that let you make and host a bunch of different sites at once. You also need to be able to store all of the assets needed to build these websites. Your clients will not put up with slow speeds, so you will need to find the host that provides the fastest speeds with the most consistency.

A lot of these choices rely on you taking a host at their word. It is one thing for them to 0ffer you certain specs, but it is another for them to actually deliver. Reputation is a huge factor in this. That is why WP Super Host strives to maintain a stellar reputation for speed, service, consistency, and features. When you are ready to find hosting for your agency website, look at what WP Super Host has to offer.

Final Thoughts

All website needs a host. The same is true regarding web hosting for agencies. Your needs are likely more demanding than with others, so you need a dependable host that can handle the job. Take stock of what features are most important to you before looking around for the best option. A host that will take care of you will take care of your clients.

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