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David Gunnels

Especially when launching your first website, you will likely wonder about hosting. One common theme you have likely seen is VPS hosting vs cloud hosting. That is not a bad place to start. Both are common choices for one reason or another. The biggest difference is in how the two hosts store your website and provide access for you and users. A VPS gives you access to a virtual part of a physical server. Cloud hosting spreads the load of hosting your website among a cloud of servers working together.

Whether you are brand new to the idea of hosting or are pretty knowledgeable, you have likely come across the discussion of cloud server hosting vs VPS hosting.

Table of Contents

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting vs cloud hosting

When considering cloud vs VPS hosting, a VPS houses your website all on one place. There is a distinction between VPS and a dedicated host also. VPS (which stands for virtual private server) is a part of a physical server that is virtually separated from the rest of the data. On a dedicated server, the entire machine is committed to your website. Going with a dedicated option offers the best options for performance, customization, and security. However, they also have a price tag to match. VPS comes into play when your needs are not very demanding.

VPS is also worth considering in situations where your website is not handling sensitive data from you or your visitors. The physical server running a VPS will also have others sharing the unit. Each subscriber has their own virtual space and guaranteed share of the resources. Where security comes in is that these multiple points of entry into the server gives potential harmful programs and people more than one avenue of entry. A quality VPS will be set up with great and up-to-date security software, so there is most likely not any extreme risk of a data breach, especially when comparing VPS vs cloud hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

cloud hosting vs vps, vps hosting vs cloud hosting

The other side of the VPS vs cloud spectrum is cloud hosting. Contrary to a VPS, a website with cloud hosting does not have a specific geographic place. There is no single server that hosts it. Instead, the website is spread over many different places that work together to handle the data and bandwidth. Spreading the load like this is more cost effective as the system is designed to be versatile and fluid. The main benefit for cloud hosting comes with the lower price tag. Unfortunately, what you save in money comes with a lot of compromises.

One other benefit is that having your website hosted on a cloud vs VPS means that if a server goes down, your website is still accessible. The other machines that help host the website will pick up the load. However, if you are going with a reputable VPS host, there is not much risk of the server going down. The technology and best practices of maintaining and powering these servers helps make sure they are reliable. That being said, the extra guarantee that the cloud can always shift resources to keep your site up is worth mentioning. This model also helps the cloud allocate resources to different websites when they need it. Unfortunately, the versatile nature of cloud hosting has a dark side too. There are countless entry points that anyone with nefarious intent could exploit to gain access to your website and data. There is no telling who all is in the cloud with you or what they are doing. This is a great security risk as well as a potential performance issue. If others in the cloud are pulling tons of resources, your website’s performance may suffer in attempts to keep the cloud going.

If you want to know where to find the best cloud web hosting vs VPS, you have very many choices. Providing inexpensive hosting has become a popular business model. The key to sifting through the results to find the best all depends on your needs and what features you want. Only compare results that have been in business for a while and have reviews about consistent performance and security. A 24/7 support line can be a big plus too. Unfortunately, there are stories all the time about cloud hosting services encountering data breaches. So security needs to be one of the first priorities. Try to find an option that spells out how they guarantee safety for your website and data, and look at reviews to back up the claim. Be mindful about false reviews. If you see several worded very similarly or even identically, play it safe and look elsewhere.

Best VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

what is the best vps hosting

Finding the best VPS host or cloud host is all about the features and reliability of the company. One important aspect to look out for is managed service. Unless you are well-versed in how to manage and maintain your website hosting, this is absolutely dire. You need a pair of eyes keeping tabs on how things are performing. This way, when WordPress updates, you can know right away if anything is no longer compatible. But what do you look for when wanting the best from either choice?

Features exclusive to cloud hosting

Scalability is one of the primary features of cloud hosting. Since there is no dedicated device hosting your website, changing your plan is nearly immediate. That way, telling your cloud host that you need more RAM, storage, etc. means getting access to that increased performance right away. All they have to do is tell the cloud network to give you access to more resources.

Another benefit that cloud hosting has is that companies are more likely to offer trials or no hassle cancellations. Since they do not have to make changes to a physical server or reconfigure dedicated features, it is easier for them offer these things. A lot of people take cloud hosting services up on a free trial, and then they stick with it when they notice everything is running okay.

Features exclusive to VPS hosting

The most obvious feature exclusive to VPS is in dedicated resources. This gives you more access to customize many features that are not typically available in a cloud hosting environment. This also gives you a guaranteed fixed share of resources. You know that there are physical processors and pieces of ram that you have a share of.

Security is another area where VPS hosting outperforms the cloud. As stated above, having only a couple of other virtual systems on the same hardware gives a much lower chance at a security breach. Security software has come a long way in protection, even for the cloud. However, there are times when you want to make sure that you are getting a better sense of security.

WP Super Host: The Best VPS Hosting

vps hosting vs cloud hosting

Even finding cheap VPS hosting can give everything you need to run your website safely. And by cheap VPS hosting, I do not mean free. Free hosting is unreliable and vulnerable to cyber attacks on the best of days. Finding the best VPS host does not mean breaking the bank, though. It is the level of security and efficiency that makes the best VPS host stand out. WP Super Host has a reputation for providing a wide range of great hosting options without making your wallet much lighter. That is why you should do yourself a favor and look at our selection of high quality VPS packages. Plus, we have fantastic features, like staging environments, free SSL, easy migration, daily backups, WordPress plugin monitoring, and more.

If you are stuck between the idea of cloud hosting vs VPS, you will most likely be happier to go with VPS. The security, peace of mind, and guaranteed resources are worth much more than a cloud host could save you. And no one is better at managing your VPS than WP Super Host. We offer free SSL to keep your visitors safe and daily backups to help correct any possible errors. We monitor for updates, plugins, speed, and uptime so that you know everything is running smoothly. We have an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard with access to staging environments. Plus, if you already have an existing site, we have an easy process to migrate it over. So when you are looking for a host for your website, be sure to look at the available hosting options at WP Super Host.

Final Thoughts

When given the choice of VPS hosting vs cloud hosting, VPS hosting is likely the right call every time. The price difference is not usually drastic, and the extra benefits of the VPS outweighs anything cloud hosting can offer you. Regardless of what choice you go with, make sure to be safe and go with a name you can trust. Do not pick a host only because they offer free or cheap VPS hosting. You and your website deserve better treatment than that. And by the end, the performance you get out your host will make up for the cost.

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