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Alli Davis

I remember the web design projects I had to do in college, and let me tell ya, they weren’t pretty. I had no idea how much time could be spent tweaking one little piece of code just to make the background of my website a touch more periwinkle blue. But when I actually started experimenting with coding, I found out something else: It was fun. I loved the feeling of seeing my own coding instructions make real changes to my website that probably weren’t going to be replicated by my classmates. Why? Because only I knew the coding that went into those changes, and only I had the power to create more.

Lucky for me and my fellow non-developers, there are tools to help people build great websites with a little more ease and efficiency. There are two tools in particular that tend to dominate this conversation: Squarespace and WordPress. But if finding the best website-building tool was a “Squarespace vs WordPress” superhero battle, WordPress would save the world every time (at least in my book.) 

Why? Let me break it down for ya.

Table of Contents

The “First Things First” of Squarespace vs WordPress 

WordPress vs Squarespace

Before we dive into the differences between these tools and why WordPress is better, let’s talk about what they are exactly. In general, WordPress.org (not WordPress.com) is a website-building platform that allows users to take full control of their website’s design, functions, features, plugins and more. It requires a bit more coding knowledge than Squarespace, but after some practice, most beginners quickly learn how to implement their very own code into the unique development of their website. WordPress doesn’t host its users’ websites, which gives them even more freedom to figure out what works best for them.

Squarespace is a website builder that gives its users similar options with its monthly plans and templated website designs. It also hosts your website for you, but that’s covered by a monthly fee. Sqaurespace is often considered the simpler, quicker option for web-building beginner, but while it allows users to get the job done, it doesn’t give them as much freedom to discover how they want it done. That’s where WordPress comes in. 

Does WordPress or Squarespace Give You More Control Over Your Website?

WordPress or Squarespace

While WordPress’ technical features might take a little more getting used to, that’s exactly what makes this tool unique and enticing to website builders of all skill levels. It’s especially ideal for users who want to think outside the box and get a little more technical when creating their website, which is one reason why more than 60 million websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Personally, I think this freedom makes using WordPress more exciting and rewarding. With WordPress, you get to choose where you host your site and decide what website features (like design themes, plugins, SEO tools and more) will help you best reach your goals. 

Squarespace takes care of most of those functional features for you and even hosts your website, which helps ease some of the intimidation that comes with coding and planning. It’s great for beginners and quick builds, but it doesn’t offer the same freedom and creativity that WordPress does. This limits the technical abilities of its users, especially those who want to put more effort into building a site that’s completely unique.

This freedom aspect is my favorite feature of WordPress. I know it can feel intimidating to build a working website that makes your wildest dreams come true, but there’s something about the satisfaction that comes from knowing I did it all on my own. With WordPress, I know my site is going to be one-of-a-kind, because I’m one of a kind! (Ha.) But for real. It feels good to know that no one is going to look at my site and think, “This looks like literally every other blogger/entrepreneur/business site I’ve seen before. Pass.” But what’s more important is that I won’t think that either. Maybe it’s a pride thing, but heck, if you don’t take pride in what you’re doing, selling or saying, why should anyone else?

Why Should You Build Your Blog With WordPress vs Squarespace? 

why build blog with WordPress vs Squarespace

The short answer is “yes”, but truthfully, there are qualities about these platforms that serve some users better than others, depending on what users want their websites to do. If you’re asking yourself, “Is Squarespace better than WordPress?”, it’s important to take a look at what exactly you want your website to accomplish. 

Even though WordPress’ technical features take more time to get used to, it’s actually known as the perfect site for beginning small business owners and bloggers. Since WordPress started as a blogging site specifically, bloggers find its plugin installations, page designs and eCommerce features especially easy to use and tailor to their blogging and business needs. Since WordPress is known for its giant pool of technical options, small business owners find it especially helpful to tailor to their exact business needs. These are all great reasons why you should build a blog with WordPress vs Squarespace, but if you don’t believe me, just ask the 370,000 users (and counting) who already do. 

Should You Use WordPress or Squarespace to Help Start Your Business?

Squarespace vs WordPress for photographers

Of course, these functions might not be what eCommerce beginners are looking for. If you’re just starting to build your brand or determine your business goals, you might want something simpler and easier to get the job done for you. Squarespace also has a variety of simple, easy-to-implement themes that allow users to focus on their website’s content instead of on its technical functions and features. This makes Squarespace a typical first option for people just starting out, but once users get the hang of it, WordPress just can’t be beat when it comes to choosing unique options that fit your personal and professional goals perfectly.

WordPress offers more functionality and diversity in its features, which is exactly why small business owners choose the platform to help them reach their branding ideas and goals. Take photographers, for example. With WordPress’ seemingly infinite number of unique design themes, plugin options and excellent customer support solutions, many photographers choose WordPress for their professional websites. No other site beats WordPress when it comes to creative freedom. 

Will Squarespace or WordPress Help You Save Money?

Squarespace vs WordPress

I tend to get burned when I answer this question too quickly. Take my most recent bicycle purchase, for example. I bought that thing in a pinch because I needed to make the commute between work and classes more efficient than walking, but I didn’t take the time to ask myself what I really wanted my bike to to do for me. If I had, I might be able to tell you where that bike is today. But as it stands, I have no idea.

That’s because I ditched the thing I’m-not-sure-I-even-remember-where after realizing that paying for comfort and function might have actually been an okay idea. I could have bought a higher-quality, comfortable and efficient bike that would have gotten me from Point A to Point B in a way I actually enjoyed, but instead, I was blinded by the price tag. Here’s a tip: Don’t be blinded by the price tag.

When you compare Squarespace and WordPress, Squarespace’s price tag can seem a lot simpler. If you want to pay annually, its monthly plans start at $12. (Or, $16 per month as you go.) However, this starting cost doesn’t cover a whole lot. Only two contributors can access and edit your website, and you can’t sell products unless you buy Squarespace’s business plan that starts at $18 per month (billed annually.)

Good thing we have WordPress to fly in and save the day. (The WordPress vs Squarespace question just keeps getting clearer, doesn’t it?) Since it’s absolutely free to use, you get to decide how much you want to pay, depending on the features and plugins you decide to add to your site and what hosting company you choose. If you want to keep it simple, you can still build a fun, functional website without paying for any extras at all. But no matter what add-ons you choose to implement on your WordPress website, you’ll still have to pay a third-party company to host your website. Don’t worry: it’s not as complicated as it sounds, especially when you’re me and you happen to have the perfect hosting option in mind. (Wink, wink.)

What’s the Best Way to Host Your WordPress or Squarespace Website?

How to switch from Squarespace to WordPress

I’m so glad you asked! 

WP Super Host is a brand new product that allows you to easily host your WordPress site. Once you register for a plan, you can make changes with the help of our supportive, knowledgeable developers. With our free staging and dev environments, we’ve made the development process easier than ever. The process is designed especially for customers who can’t (or just don’t want to) mess with technical aspects of hosting. But if you need help, our 24/7 customer service team is always eager to walk you through the process, which means you won’t have to worry about self-solving frustrating coding problems or following confusing online instructions.

To make the “Squarespace vs WordPress” battle even clearer, WP Super Host’s super fast set up, super strong features and super simple migration processes make it the go-to hosting solution. For $19 per month, you get these features and more (including WordPress update and plugin monitoring, site speed reporting and 30 backups per month.)

Other sites, like WP Engine or Flywheel, make it sound like they offer a ton of features, but we’ve found that those features don’t really matter, so why pay for something you’re not even going to use? (Refer back to my embarrassing bike story if you’re having trouble answering this question.) The WP Super Host team made the effort to reduce the unnecessary, filler features advertised by other sites to make sure you know you’re getting exactly what you signed up for in a way that’ll help you best reach your goals. 

Can You Migrate Your Site From Squarespace to WordPress?

Migrate Squarespace to WordPress

Yes! Switching from Squarespace to WordPress is easier than ever with WP Super Host. If you’re using Squarespace or another hosting platform, just fill out a simple form with some key pieces of information to get your site migrated to WordPress and WP Super Host. Our developers will handle the migration process for you, but no changes will be made to your website’s domain until you confirm our changes. (Unless you decide to tackle that piece yourself. In that case, more power to you!)

When it comes to the processes that go into making, developing and hosting websites, hosting migration can sometimes be the most intimidating. The WP Super Host team knows that, so our developers have designed its features in a way that takes the stress off your shoulders. And if you want to learn more about how to switch from Squarespace to WordPress, our support team will be there to help you succeed. With WP Super Host, you can trust that your website is safe in the hands of a hosting hero.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, we’re not all born creative heroes. It takes some people a little more time and effort to make their ideas come alive in inspirational and innovative ways. All I can say is that I wish I’d read this article in college when I was desperately trying to format the most important features of my website (you know, like the very specific background color.) I never thought to ask myself who would win the “Squarespace vs WordPress” battle. But with the so many resources and reviews pointing me to WordPress, it wouldn’t have taken me long to find the answer. WordPress is simply the best way to build a website, and WP Super Host just makes it even easier. 

When you’re trying to save the world with your biggest and brightest ideas, you need sidekicks–er, tools–that will help you do that. Website creation and hosting can sometimes feel like a battle, but WordPress and WP Super Host are the heroes you deserve.

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