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Zach Mueller

While some companies offer a wide variety of products and services, many companies are built around and rely on the success of one, single high-quality product. Peloton, for example, is a well-known company based entirely on the single product of their Peloton bike–and everything from their marketing to their e-commerce sales are dependent on a website designed around that one all-encompassing product. Other highly successful companies like Crocs, Roku, Monster energy drinks, and Magic Bullet are all business models built around one-product visions. But there are also innumerable lesser-known companies out there that are similarly successful. There are some serious advantages and inherent benefits in dedicating your company to a product that meets a niche need or introduces a solution to an exclusive issue or market demand.

If you’ve got an entire business model built around a single product, you should absolutely capitalize on a website designed and built for that specific vision, too. If the foundation of your business model is based on a unique premise like shining a light on that one perfect product, then your website needs to follow that lead, too. The digital sphere allows businesses to design a tailor-made space for their exact needs, and a good website can offer the perfect home base for conducting business based on the success of one product. From bringing in customers to making online transactions and everything in between, the right approach to website building can ensure your vision and business model is fully realized to meet its potential.

This article will explore the most effective ways to develop and craft a single product website built around that sole focus. Feel free to read on or move around the table of contents below to find out how you can build your website to maximize the benefits of a one-product vision.

Table of Contents

The Benefits of a Single Product Website

single product website


If you’re at the website stage of your business model, you’re already well-aware of the lucrative values. And you’re probably already confident in what your product can do and have a thorough understanding of its value. Putting all your eggs in one basket has some real upsides. A solid and carefully thought-out website to match is essential and has the opportunity to make or break what you’ve got. That’s why it’s important that your website be built around fundamental features of the opportunity. A website built around one product allows you to:

  • focus all your energy and momentum on a niche issue or demand
  • cater to a specific audience and align your vision closely with theirs
  • streamline the shopping experience to increase sales
  • establish a foundation and reputation as a reliable company
  • achieve success in one market and maybe even parlay that success into others

If you can create a foundation that sticks to the fundamental values of what the business model enables, you’ll be able to turn opportunity into reality. Check out this curated section of single product website examples for some inspiration to get you going.

Single Product eCommerce Website Features that Work

one product website


For many businesses, building a website based around a single product vision is the most effective strategy for getting their product to their target customers. Here are some common website features for one-product models, with some suggestions tailored exclusively to single product website design. One of the first and most crucial design features you’ll want is to build your website with a strong home page that includes a clear, visible, attractive, and user-friendly menu. You want a menu that will give you everything you need to get to know your featured product, including home, about, buy online, and contact pages, all of which we’ll explore below.

Landing page

Even before your customer arrives at your website’s home page, you might want to introduce a landing page that will present your product and speak directly to the customer. A landing page can present a walkway into the website–and also give you an opportunity to collect valuable contact information and generate leads from potential customers.

Home page with a clear, product-centric vision

If you were a company that offered a full catalog of diverse products, you’d want to introduce the company ethos on your home page-what your customers can expect from the products. In this case, however, the company ethos is synonymous with the product ethos. One of the beauties of designing a successful website around a single product focus is that you can build your marketing strategy directly from the product.

Instead of having to ask larger, existential questions about your brand, all of that marketing work is centered around the singular focus of the product. That makes a lot of the marketing job much, much easier by simply asking who is this product for, what do they want, and how can we create a line of dialogue that will introduce our product as a solution to their needs or desires. Utilize the home page to reflect that ethos immediately.


An essential feature of your website is a visible section that can speak to who your company is and what your mission is. The effectiveness of marketing your product extends well beyond the product itself. Take a holistic approach to building your website around the product–especially connecting the identity of your product with the identity of your company (and envisioning how that identity aligns with that of your target customers.)

Buy online

If the home page needs to immediately feature the product, then you also have to present an easy route to make a sale in the same space. In a diverse catalog website, you’d have a purchase option linked to the different products–but in this case, your customer is touching base with the product already, so make sure a purchase option is visible, available, and enticing. For this feature, you’ll want to explore some additional plugins (which we’ll cover below.)


Because your success relies exclusively on that product, you want to make sure it’s backed with confidence. Stand by what you’re selling, and allow the customer to make contact with you for follow-up inquiries easily. And even though you’re doing business online, it’s also a nice way to emphasize that you’re a real, reliable company with real values that’s available to your customers to talk further.

Building a One Product Website with WordPress

single product website


There are a ton of options for building your website out there, and WordPress likely will give you everything you need to make a website that shines. For a website modeled around a singular product focus, attention to detail is crucial–and WordPress gives you a solid foundation for a website with a clear vision. Some of the advantages of WordPress:

  • easy to use: no need to know a programming language, so you don’t have to be a tech expert to design a beautiful website
  • free, crowdsourced platform embedded with reliability and wide-ranging resources as a result
  • allows you to choose your own hosting for a quality website foundation
  • comes with the most plugins imaginable to optimize your eCommerce base

Of all the choices out there, WordPress is the most fully customizable, gives you the most control to enact your website vision, and equips you with tools at your disposal to create a professional and fully realized eCommerce home for your product. The first thing you’ll need to get started is to set up a domain name.

Setting up a domain based on your product

A domain name, in this case, is ideally synonymous with the product itself. Staking a claim in a marketable and identifiable domain should be fairly easy and potentially taken care of already. You want your product to have a singularly unique name for marketing and copyright reasons–and you can mirror your domain name to your product. You can find SubZero Ice Cream, for example, at “iamsubzero.com”. The domain, in any case, should highlight the product above all else and offer a memorable doorway into the product itself.

Single product website templates

After you choose a domain name, you can get started with building your website. Fortunately, WordPress comes with a variety of themes and templates that can create an appealing website that illuminates all the great qualities of your product. Definitely search for a template that will first and foremost allow you to include all of the features above with an easy-to-navigate menu. In this case, find a template for your website that places the most emphasis on the product, enhances the image of your singular product, and acts as a spotlight. You likely want a WordPress template that’s simple, sleek, and avoids any and all clutter. Check out this fantastic list of 14 of the best WordPress themes and templates that can guide your eyes toward what to look for in an effective template.

eCommerce plugins

In order to initiate online transactions, you’ll need an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Fortunately, there are a handful of options (at reasonable costs) that will give you the power to conduct your business online. A plugin like WooCommerce or Shopify will give you a tool to initiate a point of purchase, monitor your transactions, and track your sales. Make sure to identify the costs associated with each online commerce tool, and know that the right plugin is an investment in your product.

WP Super Host

The backbone of any successful website is strong hosting. WP Super Host is a high-quality host that will give you the hosting capabilities that ensure your website runs smoothly at all times, with the advantage of increasing traffic to your site thanks to enhanced reliability. All WP Super Host packages come with features like automated daily backups to ensure optimal uptime, site speed reports, and plugin and update monitoring to keep you up to date with the tools and technology to make your website beam. We also provide a free SSL certificate at no extra cost and employ Cloudfare’s global CDN for the greatest speed and maximum security. You can explore our full showcase of features and price packages here to find out more.

One Last Thought

single product website

One of the benefits of having a single product business model is that you can focus all your energy and resources around creating a vision for ensuring the success of that product. A website design based on that model will help you achieve that vision. A single product website offers you all the tools that are out there to help you create a website that really shows off what you have to offer, conduct your sales digitally, and help you make all the requisite follow-ups that will make your company a long-term success. WordPress paired with WP Super Host will make sure your product has the home and digital storefront it needs to succeed.

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