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Alli Davis

As I’m writing this article, one song keeps running through my head. It’s a real classic…

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. 

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. 

A true heart-and-soul jam, am I right? Okay, maybe not, but I sure thought so in kindergarten. I remember getting in trouble one day for sitting at my table while the rest of the class cleaned up. When my teacher made it clear that I wasn’t doing my share, of course I felt terrible, but I also was a little confused. With 15 other 5-year-olds already cleaning up, there wasn’t a whole lot left for me to do. Of course, I grew up and learned the value of helping others, but I’ll never forget that question I’m sure most 5-year-olds also wonder: What’s so great about sharing?

Heck, adults wonder about it, too, especially if they’re trying to host their website. In the world of website creation and hosting, sharing is not always caring, and for very good reason. Like I noticed in my kindergarten classroom so many years ago, “sharing” the work can make it very easy for some people (yes, I admit it) to slack off. This is something you can’t afford when you’re building a website. You need dedicated hosting providers that only focus on serving you, making sure you and your website have everything you need to function. After our discussion of shared website hosting vs managed WordPress hosting, we think you’ll feel a lot better about choosing not to share.

Table of Contents


How to Understand Shared Website Hosting vs Managed Website Hosting

shared website hosting vs managed WordPress hosting


Before we discuss what type of hosting is best for your WordPress, there are some key terms we need to understand first.

What does web hosting mean?

Even though we can’t physically touch websites, they still take up space on the internet. That means they have to “live” somewhere so they can get everything they need to function efficiently (like bandwidth, storage and speed). This physical “living” space is located on a server, which looks like a stack of black boxes. When people access your website, they’re sending a request to access your website’ files that are hosted on that server. If the server is low-quality or is hosting too many websites that clog its system, those files might take way too long to reach online users. In the worst cases, the files are lost entirely, causing users to stop interacting with your website and never come back. If you believe in the message you’re trying to send, you want people to hear that message, right? That’s why you need a good (the best!) hosting provider. 

Website hosting companies offer all these things for a range of prices, depending on the type and quality of hosting service they offer. That’s one of the main topics we’re going to cover in this article, since it’s such a huge determining factor for people looking for the best website hosting services. We’ll also cover the other important aspects of website hosting, such as types of hosting, features and benefits for each type, and what you should look for when choosing a website hosting provider.

You need website hosting because you want your website’s audience to be able to find your website. Then you can sell products, communicate ideas and engage with your audience more effectively. Without good website hosting, you run the risk of creating an interesting, inspiring website that no one ever sees. When this happens, it usually has a lot to do with the type of hosting and the hosting service provider people choose for their websites. 

What are the different types of website hosting?

What is shared hosting vs wordpress hosting

There are several different ways to host your website, and people choose each one of them for different reasons. However, just because there are many different options doesn’t mean that all the options are equal. If you want to reach your goals quickly and efficiently, you want to choose the best type of hosting. 

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a common choice for beginning website creators, but after reading this article, we hope you’ll see why it is hardly ever the best choice. Shared website hosting does exactly what it sounds like it does: allows several websites to share the same physical server and the resources available on that server. Like we said above, these resources include bandwidth and storage space. With adequate bandwidth and storage space, your website can handle larger volumes of content to be accessed by online users. However, on shared hosting plans, many websites are sharing a limited number of resources. That means that your online users may experience longer load times and slow site performance. Even though shared website hosting is typically an inexpensive option for beginning website owners, it tends to turn on them in the end. Don’t let yourself get blinded by the price tag; cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and that’s certainly the case for shared website hosting.

What is DIY or self-hosting?

Self-hosting is another tempting idea, especially when it comes to cost. That’s because it’s usually free, which can sound pretty appealing to most beginning website owners who are starting out with few resources. However, just like you’ll find with shared hosting, the costs of self-hosting far outweigh the benefits. Since you’ll have to use your own hardware, you’ll probably run out of resources very quickly (websites are needy!). You’ll also be more susceptible to power outages in your area or other technical malfunctions that could stall your website. Self-hosting also makes your website more vulnerable to hackers and malware, which can impact not only your website, but also the other software and devices on your network. Even if self-hosting sounds like the cheapest option, the risks can end up costing a lot of money. To put it bluntly: it’s just not worth it.  

What is free hosting?

Companies that offer free hosting operate with limited resources, meaning that you have no control over the quality or quantity of the websites that are also being hosted on these companies’ servers. Not only will you and your users experience very slow website speeds, hidden charges and annoying advertisements, but you’ll also have to deal with your audience viewing your site as unprofessional and unreliable. That’s because your free website domain (the name your users type into a search engine to access the website) looks unprofessional, and the unwanted ads around every turn can feel spammy. 

Since their resources are already stretched so thin between the many customers using their servers, you’re probably not going to get quality customer support when you need it. If you’re just starting out and still figuring out what you need your website to do for you, this can be incredibly frustrating. 

What is managed hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is the choice our customers find most helpful. Sure, it costs more than shared or free hosting, but trust me–with good hosting providers, you get what you pay for. With managed hosting, you end up saving precious time and money because the hosting company takes care of the administrative tasks for you. This includes regular updates, site speed reports, website setup and site migration. It’s also much more secure against attacks by hackers and malware. 

Good website hosting providers are going to make sure you get the resources you need, meaning that they’re not going to make you share with other websites. (In the world of websites, sharing is not caring.) You’re going to get dedicated support that’s tailored to your needs. This is so important if you want to build a website that your audience can actually trust and engage with effectively. 

What is the Best Website Hosting Service for WordPress?

shared website hosting vs managed WordPress hosting

Now, of course we’re a little biased, but we truly believe that WP Super Host is the best website hosting service out there. That’s because we have always taken pride in putting the only thing that matters first: our customers. This means that we don’t advertise long lists of fake website hosting features that sound nice, but don’t really do anything for your website. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and offer what we know we would need from a website host. Things like maximum security for a minimum price, automated daily backups, update and plugin monitoring, easy migration and more. 

All these things help you not only build and develop your website with more ease and efficiency, but they also help ensure your audience is going to have the best experience, too. With regular site speed and update reports, you can see exactly how your site is doing and where you could improve. This will not only help your users, but will also help search engines pick up your website when people search for keywords included on your website. You want your message to be heard, right? Then you need good website hosting features.  

How Much for Managed Website Hosting?

What are the advantages of wordpress hosting vs shared hosting

Managed website hosting services all offer something a little different, but one of WP Super Host’s most awesome features is that we do it all for so much less than our competitors. Starting at $17.50 per month, you can host one website with 5 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. If you need something a little heifer, our popular Hero plan might be for you. For just $87.50/month, you can host 10 sites with 50 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. If you need even more, our Titan plan can get the job done. And if you still don’t see exactly what you need, we’re happy to build a custom plan with you. No matter what plan you choose, you can be sure you’ll experience easy setup, migration, site speed monitoring and more. All with the 24/7 help of our dedicated customer success team.

Final Thoughts

The mission of WP Super Host is to save the world from bad website hosting. It’s a job we wish we didn’t have to do, because we really hate to see so many people get burned by companies who don’t care about them or their goals. WP Super Host cares. Now that you know why managed hosting is the best type of website hosting, we hope you’ll see why managed hosting with WP Super Host will get you exactly where you need to go. We’re ready to join your mission!

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