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David Gunnels

Every organization needs a website. Today, that is one of the primary reasons people use to find out about you. Whether for a company, team, club, or any other kind of group, having a website is a must. The same is true for nonprofit organizations. Regardless of your cause, you need to have a website. And before you can really consider the details of how to build that website, you will need to figure out what nonprofit WordPress hosting service to use.

Table of Contents

What Is Nonprofit Website Hosting?

nonprofit website hosting

You may see search results that specify they offer nonprofit web hosting. However, there usually isn’t any difference from what you could call “regular” hosting. Web hosting for nonprofit organizations works the same as everywhere else. Websites need a host to have a place to live. This is what allows users to find your website on the internet. Nothing is different between any other website and nonprofit website hosting. They all need to provide the same thing. They need to be reliable in order to keep your website up. You definitely do not want to deal with heavy downtime. They need to be fast as well. Speed not only makes it easier on users, but it also affects how easy it is to find your site on search engines.

There are many other qualities that go into nonprofit web hosting. This includes features like dashboards and customer service. All of these things are important to consider when it comes to hosting. Again, these options work for nonprofits as well as any other website. Anything that sets your nonprofit website apart will be in the actual site content and plugins. Especially with using WordPress, there are a wide range of plugins for your website. And many of those can likely help with nonprofit operations.

Hosting for a WordPress Nonprofit Site

website hosting for nonprofit organizations

The first two concerns in building a site is where it is going to live and how the content will be built and managed. These are solved by finding a website host and a Content Management System (CMS). The most convenient and cost-effective choice is to use WordPress as your CMS. WordPress is the most popular CMS for a reason. It is open source and user friendly with a fantastic community of themes and plug-ins. Also, it opens your site to WordPress web hosting for nonprofits. There are hosts made specifically for WordPress websites. This helps make sure everything runs smoothly. This is an important step, because even the best nonprofit WordPress websites need a reliable host.

You will also need to focus on how to build a nonprofit website on WordPress. For the most part, building a site for a nonprofit on WordPress works the same as other websites. The most important thing is to make sure your content and web pages are centered around your organization. One difference will be in the plugins. There are plenty of plugins that are more appropriate for nonprofit use. Using nonprofit focused plugins is a great way to implement things like donation collection, fund raising, and showcasing events. There are also themes that are more geared towards nonprofits.

how much does it cost to build a nonprofit website on wordpress

Just like with WordPress themes, there are both paid and free options for nonprofit website hosting. And, similar to themes, you are best avoiding the free options. Free hosting options are usually unreliable. You also do not have the same level of security and maintenance that comes with paid services. At best, free options are either trials or gutted versions of paid hosting. The first may end up costing more in the long run when the price comes into play. The latter is unfortunate, because they may withhold services and features that you would have access to from a paid package. One of the worst cases, however, is that your data is sold or your website is open to malicious attacks.

A paid host is in a position to maintain the operation. Since you are paying them to do the job, they take care of the hosted site. This can be in the form of providing backups all the way to monitoring your WordPress plugins. They offer more than hosting. They offer peace of mind. Going with a paid host from the start is the only way to be able to budget exactly what it will cost every month. Not only that, but you will find that managed hosting is surprisingly affordable.

There is a reason professional website hosts are successful. They provide professional services for your website at reasonable rates. Your website is the central hub of your organization on the world wide web. Everything about your online presence leads back to there. So you want to have a reliable way to make sure your website is always operational and performing well. There is no better way to do that than to leave the job to trained specialists.

Self Hosting

Another option you will likely come across is the idea of hosting your website yourself. Before taking that on, you should learn what all that entails. It’s not difficult to figure out that it takes more attention and effort than paying for a host. It would be a bad idea to jump headfirst into self hosting without being prepared.

First, you would need to figure out if you are going to have your own dedicated hardware. If so, you would need to dedicate resources to hosting the website. Then, you would be responsible for maintaining the server. That is only for the hardware. The other option is to pay a service to let you use their server space. However, if you are self hosting to save money, you likely are not looking for a subscription.

Next, you will be responsible for all of the software, configuration, security, etc. regarding the site. This does give you more control over your website. However, there is a reason that professional website hosting exists. Keeping up with all of these factors can be a pretty specialized task. Even one oversight could put your website as risk. Even experiencing downtime is bad enough, but one mistake could lead to a privacy breach. And if you are collecting donations through your website, that is a nightmare scenario.

Considering WordPress Nonprofit Pricing

best nonprofit wordpress websites pricing

Nonprofit organizations have to be mindful of costs. Luckily, nonprofit WordPress hosting has very affordable costs. There is no reason to break the bank or compromise on quality. You can get top-of-the-line performance without having to dig into your organizations wallet. Another reason that you cannot trust free hosting options is that paid hosting is already affordable. Now that everyone can get their hands on premium hosting services cheaply and easily, there aren’t as many free hosts around these days.

For each nonprofit WordPress hosting site, there will be multiple levels of packages. These will offer different levels of bandwidth, storage, and supported visitors. They also even include options for hosting multiple websites. Depending on your needs, they will likely have a package that best suits you. Starting out, you may need the smallest package. In that case, you can save a lot of money by making that choice. Also, if your operation grows and needs a bigger package, upgrading is usually available any time.

The Best Web Host for Nonprofit

best web host for nonprofit

Finding the best nonprofit web hosting means finding the host that works best for you. You need to take stock of your needs and compare them with available packages. Your needs can change based on what content you need to have on the site. It can also change in case you need multiple websites for different organizations or different projects or teams within the nonprofit. If you are looking to migrate an existing WordPress website that gets a lot of traffic, you need to find an option that can accommodate that number of visitors.

The best choice is one that offers fast, reliable hosting that satisfies your storage and bandwidth needs. It is more than that, though. They should have a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. Also, they should provide fast and easy setup or easy migration if you are coming from a different host. WP Super Host has this all available for you. Not only do we give you fast speeds and solid security, we monitor for WordPress updates and whatever plugins you use. We automatically run daily backups for peace of mind. And to top it all off, we have a customer support line available 24/7. Take a moment to compare our WordPress hosting options.

Final Word

nonprofit website hosting

It is simple and affordable to find high quality, nonprofit WordPress hosting. While free options and self hosting exist, they are not a great idea. You should only trust your WordPress nonprofit website to trusted professionals. After finding a great place to host your site and building it with WordPress, it will be ready to take on the next challenge. But just like with running a nonprofit, having a strong start on a solid foundation is the best way to get started on the right foot.

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