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David Gunnels

One trend that has caught on is to make money with WordPress. It is not surprising since the risk can be fairly low with potential to make some decent money. The first question is how to get started. But before jumping head first, it is important to figure out how you want to use WordPress to make money. You may be interested to learn how to make money on WordPress blog websites. You may want to try and build websites for others. Of course, there is always the choice to run eCommerce through your site to sell goods and services.

Feel free to use the table of contents below to focus on the section you need.

Table of Contents

Questions to ask about How to Make Money Blogging with WordPress

make money from wordpress

Can you make money on WordPress? Absolutely. There is no shortage of creative ways to monetize a WordPress site. There are tons of different ways to make money with WordPress. Below, we have highlighted a handful. This is by no means a definitive list.

Can you make money off of a WordPress blog?

The most direct way to try and make money with WordPress is through blogging. This is not surprising considering that WordPress was originally created for blogging purposes. If you go this route, you will be focused on optimizing your website and practices to bring in a lot of traffic. Creating quality content on a consistent basis is only part of the equation. You will need to follow SEO guidelines and interact with owners of similar sites. Getting sites like yours, but that are already more successful, to link to you or feature some of your content is a great way to meet your target audience.

Can you make money creating WordPress websites?

Another common way to make money with WordPress is with building websites for others. Since personal websites were conceived, people have been paid to build them for others. If you have the skill and knowledge to build websites, why not get paid for making them? You will need to make sure people find out about your services, first. This includes elements of building good SEO, but it also involves more marketing as well. You will need to determine who your target customer is and make sure they get the message that you can build a website for them.

What other ways can I make money with WordPress?

As said before, there are more ways to build income with WordPress than we can imagine. Another one of the common ways to make money is by reviewing products and services. When other online businesses or eCommerce websites want more positive exposure, they will want external websites to write about them. The linking and attention is great for their SEO as well. So it is not a surprise to know that many companies will pay for quality reviews.

In the same realm of creating websites from scratch, you can earn income from fixing inadequate sites for others. If a website was not built properly or maintained well, it might need some real work to start performing well. It can take the same amount of effort or more to fix a website compared to building one from scratch.

If you have the patience to build a following, then you could make money by offering paid accounts to see your content. Some of the biggest content subscriptions are of satire, comics, art, and more. Having users pay a regular subscription to your website is a great way to bring in consistent money. Every way to make money online requires a lot of work and dedication, but it is especially true here. You need to have many regular visitors who want to see your content enough to pay for it every month. But once you get to that point, then it is all about continuing to deliver the content they want.

What resources do I need?

To get started making money on your WordPress site, you definitely need your own private computer. Then, you need a reliable internet connection and an account with WordPress. And of course, you will need a website built with your WordPress account. Keep in mind, if you are not confident in your abilities to build a website, do not try and wing it. Hire a professional to design it for you, or you can learn how to do it yourself until you are comfortable. Since the website acts almost like a storefront for you, it has to be done right.

After that, you need your product or service. If you are wanting to make money off of web content, then you need to create a lot of it. If you are selling products through eCommerce, then you need to have enough stock. Are you providing online services, like building websites? You need to make sure you are on top of the most current versions of WordPress, tools, and plugins. Also, make sure you have a selection of your work to show as samples for prospective clients.

You also need to make sure to keep a creative, flexible, and patient attitude. Success takes a long time to earn in any venture. You will need to be able to adapt, shift focus, and redefine expectations in order to make progress. This includes everything from how you market yourself to the services or products you product. Keep an eye open, listen to criticism, and make adjustments accordingly.

What should I avoid?

As stated above, do not try and go about this process alone unless you are really comfortable with every step of the process. Trying to save a little money at the start could potentially cost you much more down the line. And do not confuse being stubborn with being passionate. Passion will drive you toward progress, even when it takes sacrifice. Being stubborn means not sacrificing what you know and are comfortable with, even if it hurts your progress.

Another really important point to avoid is get-rich-quick-schemes. The internet is full of them. These include the traditional pyramid schemes and straight up con jobs. Avoid working with any agency that uses terms like “entrepreneurial spirit” and “passive income.” Also be wary of discussions about investing in your future success. Any promise of quick money or easy money, especially a lot of it, is going to be a lie for the vast majority of the time. I say “for the vast majority of the time” instead of “every time,” because there are situations where it is true. However, that does not make the situation better. In these situations, more often than not, you will find yourself facing illegal or unethical activity. And just like a pyramid scheme, once you get into that kind of work, it is very difficult to get out.

Why Make Money with WordPress vs Another CMS?

make money from wordpress blog

Is there a reason to specifically use WordPress to make money with your website? Mostly, WordPress is the most popular. This means more than just going with the crowd. Its increased popularity gives it more support. There are more plugins and themes available for your website. Plus, WordPress toes the line between customization and ease-of-use really well. Other CMS platforms will lean heavily one way or the other. This leaves you either with an easily created site that looks like a template or with a blank website while you struggle to make sense of it.

The Best Host to Help Make Money with a WordPress Website

make money with a wordpress website

There are a few considerations when you want to make money from WordPress blog sites. You want to make sure it will support the best performance and constant uptime. If you are using WordPress to create websites for others, you will want a host that provides a staging environment.

For a WordPress with the reputation, reliability, and features you need, you cannot go wrong with WP Super Host.

We offer site speed reports and will monitory your plugins to help you keep tabs on the performance and status of your website. This can also help give you ideas on how to improve the features that make the most difference with your website. When your goal is to generate income online, then you need to take every opportunity you can get to make your website stand out from the rest. Part of doing this is making sure your website has the best speed and security possible. To help with that, we offer a fantastic CDN and free SSL certificates with our packages.

We take pride in providing the best WordPress hosting option for your website. We have a range of packages to ensure we have the right fit for you. Visit our pricing page to view our hosting opportunities.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to make money with WordPress. And it is difficult to throw a rock and not hit someone who is doing just that. You can build a popular blog with ads. There is always the choice to build websites for others. You can even run some business operations through your WordPress site. All of the possibilities are not even close to discovered yet. So instead, maybe you will find a new, creative way to make money with WordPress.

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