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David Gunnels

Running a blog can be a lot of fun. In general, as long as you are mindful and smart about your content, you will have pretty much nothing to worry about. You can blog about any kind of crazy thing. Your blog can be about the different things that are better with pretzels sprinkled on top. Maybe you want to write about all of the scenarios where mismatched socks is the better choice. You have free reign to do what you would like. It takes a little more discipline if you want to make money blogging.

The quickest way you can give your blog a purpose is to try and make money with it. Now, there is a goal in mind. But what’s the difference between a blog for the sake of blogging and a blog for money? Actually, there can be quite a bit of difference. To get to the bottom of that, though, we need to look at the different ways that blogs can make money.

If you are looking for ways to earn some income with your blog, use the table of contents below and get started.

Table of Contents

Can I Make Money Blogging?

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Making money from your blog might feel like a paradox. It is an odd sensation. It feels like there is almost no way to earn money blogging, but it also feels like there are too many ways too. This has a tendency to make people feel discouraged and overwhelmed at the same time. We can end up feeling like this because both of those statements are true from different perspectives. There are too many ways in the sense that there are nearly infinite possibilities in how to make money from blogging. And the feeling of there being nearly no way comes from the fact that successfully making a profit takes time, dedication, and investment.

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The best way to get started is to see how others are making money on blogging. What is their business structure? Do they have a product or service? How do they organize their process? Pay attention to the ways they are blogging for money.

How to Get Paid to Blog

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Making money from your blog comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is no one right or wrong way to do it. The answer to what method to choose is to pick the one that works. If you write humor, then you can tell which methods match that style. If you want to direct attention to your shop, that’s a different story. But when you want your blog itself to make the money, there are a few ideas on how to go about it.

Premium content

A common avenue in blogging for money is to offer premium content. Today, many of these efforts go through a service like Patreon. However, you may not need to include a third party that takes a cut of your profits. You can build your site to tuck away content behind a paywall. Be careful, though. Putting too much content out of reach from casual visitors can turn people off. Remember to always give away your best content for free.

Membership perks

Content is not the only thing that you can reserve for paid visitors. Plenty of websites offer memberships. One way they accomplish this is by offering a few different kinds of perks. If you have any kind of merchandise, this membership could include free shipping or a 5% discount off of all future orders. Now, not only are you making membership income, but you are also inspiring your members to purchase more merch.

This is one place where you can be really creative. You can offer monthly postcards that you or a friend design and print. Artwork in general has an infinite number of applications. Access to a members-only Discord channel, game nights, and other events is also fairly common. The same is true with message boards, but those are starting to go away in the wake of 24/7 Discord channels.

These are not the only perks available. Of course, you can always brainstorm a few different things. One suggestion, though, is to pay attention to your readers. Their comments and emails will often be full of ideas of the kinds of perks your visitors would like to see. Let them get involved in the brainstorming.


How do you get paid for blogging without any kind of extra content or memberships? A great choice, especially for starting out, is to collect donations. Even if you cannot offer extra content or perks right away, asking for donations so that you can continue making content is a common move. Your visitors understand that life costs money, and every second you spend writing and working on your blog for free can hurt you and your family financially. Be open about your situation. The more vulnerable you are to your readers, the more connected they will feel. Refrain from lies and exaggeration. Not only is that unethical, but it will be found out in the end.

How to Monetize my WordPress Blog

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Attracting advertisers

How do advertisers find you? You cannot earn money blogging with advertising if nobody advertises with you. The good news is that advertisers already do a great job of tracking you down. They want their products to be seen, and they are interested in finding places their target audience is expected to frequent.

Other than waiting for advertisers to contact you, there are a handful of agencies that you can contact. Usually, though, they will want to see proof that your site performs well before they bring your site to their clients as an option. Make sure you have a record of consistently high visitors before trying this method.

Can I Get my eCommerce Site Making Money with a Blog?

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Do not limit yourself to thinking you can only earn money blogging. Your blog can be something that bridges visitors to your online store. In this case, your blog is likely a part of that bigger eCommerce site. However, it is not uncommon for people to have a separate site for their blog that links over. The difference here is all in the focus.

Instead of trying to earn money through blogging itself, you can work on targeting people who are interested in your products or services. Then, the blog does not come across as a means to make money. Instead, it can be more informative and helpful to pull people in and get them engaged. Then, when they are interested in relevant products and services, the link to your store page is already there.

What Else do I Need to Make Money Blogging?

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When blogging for money, you will need an eCommerce plugin. By default, WordPress sites are not equipped to collect payments. This is part of their system where you have the freedom to only get what you need for your site. Look into plugins like WooCommerce to add that functionality to your blog.


You will need more than a plugin. You will also need an SSL certificate. These certificates add a layer of security that protects your buyer’s or donor’s financial information. They are required for any website that deals with money.

blogging for money

Your blog will need a host so that others can visit. Your host is the place where your website is stored. Then, visitors can connect to it through the internet. While you can go through the process to store your own website and host it yourself, that requires a lot of work. If you do not know what you are doing, you can end up doing more harm than good. More often than not, you will get far more benefit from paying for your hosting.

It is best to now have to worry about the details of your ongoing hosting. Taking care of it yourself means constant maintenance, software updates, security checks, etc. That takes a lot of time and focus away from making money. Because of that, there are options for managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting lets your host handle those day-to-day tasks so that you can do what you do best. Not only do they handle the maintenance, but they are meant to work alongside WordPress, so there are extra savings and features that you get to take advantage of.

For example, WP Super Host has WordPress update monitoring as well as monitoring for uptime and plugins. You have access to speed reports, daily backups, and an intuitive dashboard. Our 24/7 customer support line is here for any of your questions or concerns. These features are offered on top of our hosting packages that offer significant speeds with the bandwidth and storage you need to make sure all of your visitors get the best experience possible on your site. As we all know, happy visitors are ones much more likely to drop a little money on the sites they enjoy.

You need to be able to count on the performance of your host. Your reputation and Google ranking depend on how well your website performs. The better it performs, the easier it is to find in search results. The more visitors you get, the easier it gets to find. It is a cycle of success that starts with great hosting. To take advantage of the features described here and the fantastic specs of our hosting, visit the WP Super Host product page now.

Final Thoughts

There is one more thing you should keep in mind when you want to make money blogging. Success takes time. You may not see a return on your efforts for quite a while. In this game, the persistent ones are the ones who come out on top at the end.

The best thing to do is come up with a solid plan and get started on the right foot. The way you start your blog will be the foundation all of your efforts will lie on. Have a fully developed idea for your blog, schedule time to write your posts, and secure the best hosting. After that, just keep the ball rolling.

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