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Jo Sabus

If you’re a business owner with a site – or anyone with a site that makes a profit – the last thing that you want a content management system to do is gut your budget. At least, you don’t want this to happen without good reason. Sure, having an effective CMS is integral to the success of your site – you want to see it grow, thrive, and bring in the cash. Naturally, your instinct will be to give it the very best, search out the most expensive CMS you can afford to make sure your site doesn’t miss out on anything.

What you should know, however, is that price does not always equal benefits when it comes to CMS. In fact, many CMS plans can be downright robbery. While a CMS like Kentico is designed as a full-service package, itemizing its features paints a clear picture: that WordPress can do everything you need at a much lower cost.

So before you dive headlong into systems designed to rake in money from large companies, let’s give the Kentico CMS a full review. Considering Kentico vs WordPress will hopefully give you a better idea of which system is the best CMS for you . Use the table of contents to jump to each subheading and compare for yourself.

Table of Contents

Kentico Vs WordPress Features

kentico vs wordpress options

Both systems come with inherent features, some that are unique to each system. So which ones do you need?

The unified features of Kentico provide a fairly comprehensive plan for a CMS. This plan includes some basic features for a site: web hosting, servers, security, and site maintenance for a year. The starting package also provides a single website domain. On top of this, Kentico boasts many features for facilitating eCommerce. This includes analytics, marketing tools, and an integrated checkout system with tax calculation. Kentico also bills itself as being the only CMS system with full ASP.NET integration, which facilitates additional site and app development.

The features included with a WordPress.org (not WordPress.com) plan are much simpler. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for beginners. A more approachable interface will make your life a whole lot easier when building and maintaining a site. It also means that you aren’t overpaying for a system that will take you a while to learn, given that Kentico is highly specialized and technical.

A free WordPress plan includes basic customization, themes, and WordPress subdomain. Other plans include built-in monetization options, custom domains, and tiered upgrades to other features like storage space. You can also choose from free, paid, or custom themes, whereas Kentico themes are limited to native customization and editors. Paid plans also include plug-ins which, along with themes, allow for greater flexibility when building a site.

Plugins are a key feature for expanding and controlling your site. Therefore, and CMS with robust plugin support is going to have an edge over the others and no site features a better plugin system than WordPress.

Flexibility in a CMS

kentico vs wordpress options

Having control over your site will help you distinguish yourself and have peace of mind.

This control is also the first major area where Kentico’s package can be limiting. Since Kentico provides everything for your site, including hosting and native tools, your site is limited to only what comes in their package. But how is WordPress any different? Any CMS will only give you what’s listed on the package, right? Well, WordPress has a card up its sleeve that many CMS services don’t: plugins.

WordPress plugins are optional additions, apps, and tools that you can download from your WordPress dashboard. They are independently developed, so their potential is almost limitless. This also means that there is more than one option for the same tool, all provided through one site. You can select which ones you need and which ones you don’t and do comparison shopping for the features you like. With over 50,000 plugins already available and more being developed every day, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS sites for plugin support and development. For a more complete guide, head over to this blog post for a look at some popular plugins that can suit your needs.

WordPress is also open-source. This means that, along with plugins, WordPress also allows for a more direct, developer-friendly access to your site’s HTML code. While visualizers are great for beginners, WordPress does not force you to only use that type of interface. This means that, should you learn more about site-building down-the-line, you will always have the option for more hands-on control of your site on WordPress.

Hosting for a CMS

kentico vs wordpress web hosting

WordPress provides other flexibility as well, like the ability to select your own web hosting.

As mentioned, Kentico severely limits your choice in tools, not the least of which is hosting. Because Kentico’s license includes site hosting and server space, this means that you’re stuck with them as your host. While any paid host does guarantee a level of security, this limitation can still be deal-breaking. Say, for instance, you’re not satisfied with speeds. Even if you change plans, your host would still be Kentico and you would still be under the same hosting service.

Hosting on WordPress is much more flexible since WordPress does not provide hosting. This may seem like a downside, but securing hosting for a WordPress site is simple and goes a long way in aiding your site. Securing your own hosting also puts more control in your hands. There’s a lot of features you want to consider when selecting a host, including customer support, security, speed, and reliability. the last thing you want is for your CMS plan to rely on a bad host that does not provide quality in every area.

Fortunately, WordPress has some great dedicated hosting. WP SuperHost provides top-of-the-line support, up-to-date security, and servers that you can rely on for your site or business. There are also a variety of pricing options to fit any budget, including custom price quotes. You can check out the great options available through WP Super Host at this pricing page.

Choosing a dedicated web host means that you can get more options while relying less on an expensive package deal. It might sound like one extra step, but it will save you a lot of trouble, not to mention cash.

Kentico Vs WordPress Pricing

kentico vs wordpress pricing

Now that you know the features of each service, it’s time to talk prices.

Kentico, being a comprehensive service, fetches quite a hefty price. Quotes for the service start around $4,499 per year. This is a prohibitively high price for anyone running a small business or just starting with content management systems. Not to mention that this starting plan only includes one domain. If you need another site, you’ll have to upgrade. As for upgrade options, this price point also means that there are huge differences in the quality and price of other plans from Kentico. If you’re not happy with one, it can be thousands of dollars to try another the next year.

On the other hand, WordPress memberships start at $4 per month. This is where WordPress has an advantage. Most memberships only include basic services and website building tools, but given the almost one-hundred-fold price difference, it is far more accessible. A difference like this, however, can leave you asking a lot of questions. Is there something worthwhile you’re missing out on? How limited is WordPress if it costs that much less?

The good news is that almost everything you’re not paying for, WordPress offers. Remember that there are a variety of plugins available through WordPress, which can cover all of your needs. While many of these do require paid licenses, the overall cost of using plugins to compensate for missing features will usually be less. On top of that, you have the option of what to pay for. You can decide which features you need.

Having one service provider for all of your content management needs might seem like a worthy convenience at first. However, given other pricing options for site services and plugins, Kentico’s price is a convenience fee with major diminishing returns.

Final Thoughts

A CMS system doesn’t need to be expensive to get the job done well. In fact, many companies are probably overpaying for similar features (or features they don’t even use) by a huge margin. The best content management system should have the flexibility and the ability to control your site, from themes to hosting. In that regard, WordPress wins hands-down.

This goes hand-in-hand with affordability. By having the option to control which features and plugins to license, WordPress can fit any budget and any need, not just those of a large company with money to burn. However, if you are a company that already uses Kentico, but see a chance to save some cash, site migration is easy. Check out this blog post for a complete guide on migration and stop wasting money asap. Considering the pricey Kentico CMS vs WordPress, it’s in your best interest.

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