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David Gunnels

Many years ago, my job was to help small business owners with their online presence. This included helping them utilize their websites. Mostly, we wanted to help maximize web traffic to their business site. One of the first things I thought when I started the job was that people really liked GoDaddy. I saw their hosting everywhere I looked. But then I noticed the complaints from my clients. No one had anything good to say about it.

I finally learned a lot of people seem to think that GoDaddy is the only place to get a website. This was several years ago, so their advertisements were everywhere. Regardless, it brought to light that there are many options for website building and hosting, but not everyone even knows they exist.

For example, WordPress or Joomla, which is better? They are both systems designed to build websites. But there are many platforms to build websites now. It is difficult to be able to compare them all easily. Once you think you have it all figured out, another handful shows up. That’s why we need to stop and do our homework occasionally. It would be a shame to miss out on the next big thing.

To discover more about the argument comparing Joomla vs WordPress, look to the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What is WordPress vs Joomla

joomla vs wordpress

There are dozens of well-known blogging tools on the market. Many of them, like Instagram, are designed to be incredibly simple and easy while sacrificing control. However, there is a growing market for people who want more from their blogs.

Two choices you have for creating a new blog is between Joomla or WordPress. Both of these are content management systems (CMS) for websites. They both are much more in-depth than platforms like Blogspot. They are even well suited for sites other than blogs. They both are more complicated than the most simple choices online, but they both give you more control over the design and user experience. Plus, you get to maintain ownership over your content and domain.


WordPress was originally a blogging tool that has been around for many years. It is not the most popular CMS for websites. Though it can handle all websites now, it is still known to be the best tool a blogger can use.

WordPress is very post-oriented. Any website that keeps a consistent log of information will find that WordPress accommodates for that beautifully. It also has a wide range of customization. It does not shoehorn you into template designs or force you to build a particular kind of website. It gives you the power to create what you would like.

Where WordPress shines most is the community. It has a massive community of third-party software. Creators use the open-source CMS to create fantastic and dynamic themes and plugins that bring new levels of use and customization to WordPress


The most notable difference from WordPress is that Joomla is more complicated. There are more functions and capabilities. Of course, this makes navigating the CMS more difficult for anyone lacking coding knowledge. However, this does give more customization and features from the start than WordPress.

Joomla also has a community for third-party support. However, it is much smaller than WordPress. There just is not as much interest. This may be because it has a lower user base as well. So in the discussion of which is better for a knowledge base, WordPress or Joomla, WordPress takes it.

What are the Benefits of Joomla vs WordPress?

wordpress vs joomla

When you look more closely at WordPress or Joomla, you start to see the benefits that set them apart.

Joomla benefits

Joomla stands out by offering a more advanced experience for its users. It has finer controls that allow you to customize to a higher extent than WordPress. Knowing that WordPress has the blog market cornered, Joomla focuses on being as flexible as possible. It is easy to tell that the interface was not primarily designed with blogging in mind. So creating other kinds of websites might feel a little more comfortable.

Another good quality of Joomla is the ability to use different templates for different situations. Templates are to Joomla what themes are to WordPress. WordPress is known for only allowing one theme to be active at a time. So it gives an extra level of control that Joomla allows users to implement more than one template at a time depending on the style of content.

WordPress benefits

Especially for blogs, WordPress moves incredibly quickly from account creation to site launch. The basic structure of the blog is easy to define. This way, you do not get stuck on the initial details. You can move more quickly to design elements and making posts.

Another huge benefit is that WordPress is more widely accepted and supported. The larger userbase makes it much easier to find support and the appropriate plug-in to help build your site than Joomla. It also means that any hands-on help you need is likely to be much cheaper.

Joomla Problems

what are the benefits of joomla vs wordpress

You cannot fully discuss WordPress vs Joomla without looking into a few issues. The primary concern regarding Joomla is its complexity. It feels as if the platform was not created for the general user in mind. Instead, its layout and interface seem best suited for developers. So while Joomla has a higher level of customization than WordPress, you need to know more about web development before you can take advantage of them.

Joomla security issues

Where these problems really matter is when you consider Joomla security issues. Outdated software is often the primary candidate for security breaches. Both Joomla and WordPress work consistently to release new updates to maintain top security. Unfortunately, Joomla users are less likely to keep their CMS updated. For whatever reason, there is just an increased rate of using outdated software compared to WordPress. This had led to Joomla having a higher rate of security problems than WordPress.

WordPress or Joomla for SEO

which is better for a knowledge base wordpress vs joomla

Both platforms offer full control over SEO elements. This includes keywords, categories, alt text, headings, links, meta descriptions, and everything else. They both can have their SEO potential maximized by add-ons. WordPress has plugins like Yoast that goes a long way to helping users make SEO friendly content, and it can even help with keyword research.

For both platforms, you define the details from the general down to the specific. You name the site, secure your own domain, and develop your own SEO strategy. Some plugins and extensions can help you with keyword research, but it is still up to you which ones to go with. Other plugins, like Yoast for WordPress, help to give suggestions and grade your SEO on each page of your website.

What is important to remember is that there are parts of SEO that many people overlook. Even something as simple as the slug for your page’s address affects your SEO. The slug is the part of the web address that comes after the domain. It is suggested to make sure a prominent keyword is part of that slug. That keyword should also be in the title and meta description. The meta description is the snippet of text people see on search engines before they choose a link to click. Images need descriptive text called “alt text.” This not only helps with SEO, but it aids the sight-impaired. Screen readers commonly read the alt tags for images to their users.

There is a world of details involving the best SEO practices. Regardless, both of these platforms give you full control of how you want to run your SEO. From site titles to keywords and descriptions, you hold the reins.

Hosting for WordPress vs Joomla

wordpress or joomla which is better

Both platforms require users to secure their own web hosting. This way, their teams can focus on maintaining the CMS. This also gives you the freedom to shop around and find the hosting that is right for you.

For most users, it is safe to say that WordPress will be the better choice. With WordPress, you do not need to have an intimate knowledge of web design or development to create a really great website, from a plain blog to an eCommerce shop. If you are more inclined to the technical side of things, then Joomla is worth checking out. You will likely appreciate the extra options you have available. But for most people interested in owning a website, there is likely nothing they will notice missing from WordPress vs Joomla.

In terms of a WordPress blog, your best option is with managed WordPress hosting. These hosts provide a place for your website and maintain the hosting. You do not have to worry about making sure your site remains online. They can even catch issues like when WordPress updates or if a plug-in is having issues.

Best managed WordPress hosting

Since most people are better off using WordPress, where should they find their hosting? There are certain qualities of all web hosts that you need to take into consideration. These are things like speed, bandwidth, number of supported monthly visitors, and storage space. You need to have an idea of what you need so that you do not pay for performance you cannot take advantage of. There is no need to waste money like that.

So it is important to use a host that offers multiple packages. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to web hosting. The difference between a brand new blog and a behemoth like Amazon is beyond comprehension. Just starting out, you will likely be looking at beginner packages. From there, you want to make sure it is easy to grow into the bigger packages when your website picks up steam.

The best way to test for the quality of different managed WordPress hosts is to combine their metrics with user reviews. This will give you a good idea of the accuracy and reliability of the host. And of course, it is always important to pay attention to the features each hosting service provides.

We take the idea of consistent performance very seriously at WP Super Host. Our senior engineers focus on getting the most speed and uptime possible for the sites we host. More than that, we have developed a suite of features that come with all of our hosting packages. These are things like Free SSL for eCommerce sites and CDN to support higher speed and security. Speaking of speed, we offer a speed report that comes with suggestions for steps you can take to resolve anything that might be limiting your speed. We also monitor for WordPress updates, plugin compatibility, and uptime to make sure everything is playing nice. There are many more features available for our websites too. So when you are looking for a managed WordPress host for your next blog or website, take a look at the list of features and packages available from WP Super Host.

Final Thoughts

By this point, you probably have an idea of which CMS is best suited for you: Joomla vs WordPress. The more technical minded might be leaning more toward Joomla. Even people interested in learning more about the technical side of things might go with them. When it comes to people more focused on building their websites, they are probably sold on WordPress.

Remember, these are not the only two options. If neither Joomla or WordPress appeals to you, then you may need to expand your search further. There is surely a CMS you will like out there. But keep in mind that themes and plugins can do wonders at changing the look, feel, and functionality of WordPress. So do not fully discount it without seeing all it can do.

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