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David Gunnels

My father is a pretty big sports fan. He has followed the Atlanta Braves for as long as I can remember. He’s also a notable Steeler’s fan. No, my family is from neither Georgia nor Pennsylvania. Regardless, I fully understand how important sports are. While I am not as big a fan, I have seen how people get interested in stats, projections, and everything else.

So it is not surprising to me that sports blogs have become commonplace. There is a huge market for different outlooks in the sports world. Plus, there are many different ways to write about them. Even each professional team has its own network of blogs. It is safe to say that some popular players even have a handful of successful blogs. Not only that, but they get consistent visitors.

Sports has taken a bit of a blow this year. Like much of our public world, the current pandemic has cut seasons short and limited in-person seating at stadiums. So while we have had less interaction with the sports world lately, we could use a new outlet for our sports entertainment. Now is as good a time as ever to start a sports blog.

If you want to learn more about how to start a sports blog, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What to Know about How to Start a Sports Blog

how to start a sports blog

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before jumping into a new blog. First, you need to make sure you will have the time to pay attention to the site. The vast majority of new blogs fizzle away fast. Busy schedules kill more blogs than disinterested visitors. So make a schedule for when you know you can work on your blog before dedicating effort to it.

If you know you have the time, then brainstorm ideas. You need to make sure you have an idea to jump off of. Do you want a team-focused blog? Do you want to pick apart a single sport? Do you have more eclectic sports interests? The choices are endless. The important thing is to think of what will make your blog stand out from the others.

How to Start a Sports Blog and Make Money

How to start a sports blog and make money


WordPress sports blogs already start off on the right foot. WordPress is a website content management system (CMS) that you use to build websites. It started out as the standard for blog creation. Today, it is widely known as the best blogging tool still.

WordPress is free and available for anyone to use. It is also open-source, so there is a lot of third-party support. Apart from the others, WordPress gives you a lot of freedom to create your blog in the way you want it. You do not have to stick to a template that makes you look like everyone else.

To get started, you simply need to visit WordPress.org and download the CMS. From there, you can make an account. Once you have done that, you can start giving WordPress the basic information about your blog. This includes the name and description. Then you will be able to create new pages, make blog posts, organize your menu, and more. You can find help with each step with the WordPress help section.


What do you want to name your site? I am not talking about the heading on the top of your home page. When you tell people to visit your site, where do you want to tell them to go? To get your site online, you need to have a domain. This is the combination of your site name and extension. For example, we have google.com, wordpress.org, etc.

Make your domain simple and easy to remember. Also, it needs to be catchy and relevant to your blog. A good place to start is the name of your site. Do not worry if it is more generic. This is as good a time as any to tweak things a little bit. You might end up with a brand new name or a more creative spelling of your existing one. The key here is to not add any unnecessary confusion.

But where should you go to get your domain? Sites like whois.com are domain registrars. They are licensed to sell domains to people so that they can build websites off of them. All you have to do is visit a registrar and search for the name you have in mind. It will let you know if there is any conflict. If anyone else already owns that domain, you cannot use it. However, there are endless ways to build a domain. Be creative with it if you find all of your ideas are already taken.


Once you have a site built on WordPress and have secured a domain, you need a web host. Your host is who provides the server space that your site will exist on. Visitors who visit your site access your host’s server to get your blog. Without a host, nobody can visit your site.

There are a few options in regards to hosting. There is self-hosting. However, unless you know exactly what you are doing, this can be a huge headache. It is a lot of investment in time, energy, expertise, and hardware. Another option is to get free hosting. There are many of these services online. However, they never work out well. These are shared services, so many other users are draining the resources. That means it is common for your site to perform poorly. Also, this means these other users might be trying to get into your site to harvest your data. Either that or they are being careless and opening the door for other hackers.

Finally, you can pay for managed hosting. It takes a small subscription each month, but these services not only host your site, but they manage it too. You do not have to concern yourself with software updates, security changes, and general maintenance. You can focus on the more important things. These also give you the ability to have much more in terms of performance and features. In fact, they will commonly guarantee specific levels of performance based on which package you need.

The Different Ways to Write for Sports Blogs

Good non click bait sports blog

We covered different kinds of blogs earlier. However, that is not the end of the discussion on how to build content. Even when you know your topic and focus, what is your tone going to be? What kind of language will you be using? There are countless combinations, but you do not want to force anything that is not natural.

Choices in tone range from serious and technical to a humorous satire. Do you want to break everything down in detail? You can even decide how friendly you want to be.

How to Make One of the Best Sports Blogs

Write for sports blogs

Stay away from exaggerated headlines just to get some clicks. The best examples out there succeed with honest consistency with unique viewpoints.

The best sports blogs need the best host

We already know that you need hosting for your blog. However, just any hosting will not do your blog justice. Aside from using WordPress, your host is another way to start on the right foot. That is because regardless of what you write about, people need to be able to visit consistently and have a great user experience.

What hosting leads to better user experience? First, you need a scalable host that matches your current needs. When first starting out, you do not need to pay for resources that can handle millions of monthly visitors. However, you want to make sure that you can upgrade your hosting package when your needs grow. Go with a host that has options for different levels of supported monthly visitors, storage, and bandwidth.

There are also features to keep in mind. You want to have a user-friendly dashboard. Daily backups are a must. And since you are using WordPress hosting, make sure you pick a host that can monitor for updates and plugin compatibility. And while we are on the subject of monitoring, you need a host that will actively monitor for site uptime 24/7. All of these features and more are available for every site with WP Super Host. We have options for every step of your blogging journey. Look at the different hosting packages we offer and find the one you need to get started today.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of the technical aspects are similar to other blogs, there is plenty of variation regarding how to start a sports blog. Be mindful of your point of view and unique voice. Practice how you want to build your blog. Then, secure quality hosting with WP Super Host and get the show on the road.

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