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Jo Sabus

I’m sure all of us have debated whether a product is worth our time, and have then turned to reviews for help. I know that I, personally, find them invaluable. For instance, I tend to buy a lot of tech products, for both fun and work. These parts and devices can be expensive. Knowing which ones are going to best suit my needs and budget can mean the difference between having functioning professional hardware and living off ramen for the month. Even my hobbies require a good deal of product acquisition. When I buy a movie, I want to know which version has the best quality and special features. While buying collectibles, sometimes I just want to know what the thing will look like in hand. Here, even unboxing videos have a function and, admittedly, will often get my click.

Brands are quickly learning the power that online product reviews have. In a 2018 survey, BrightLocal reported that 91% of users aged 18-34 trust online reviews with the same confidence as personal recommendations. This survey also reported that 93% of users aged 35-54 always read online reviews before a purchase. As such, this practice only continues to grow every year, whether it’s on video platforms or traditional blogs.

There’s no better time to start your blog than now. So, let us help guide you through how to start a review blog. Use the table of contents to jump to another step if you’ve already got a handle on any section.

Table of Contents

Why You Should Start a Product Review Blog

why to do online product reviews

Starting a review blog is something anyone can do.

Although starting any website can be a daunting task for some, this blog will help you with that in the next section. Before addressing how to make your blog, let’s discuss some of the advantages to starting one.

For one, creating content for product reviews is convenient. If you’re reviewing products you’re familiar with, you should already have them on hand, or ones which you plan to buy soon. This means that producing is easy on both your time and your wallet, as you wont need to go out of your way to do additional research or expend extra money for something you wouldn’t otherwise use.

Doing product reviews is also a great way to make your voice heard as a consumer. Whether you have constructive criticism or a ringing endorsement for a product, companies want to hear from you. More than that, having a professional review blog will help elevate your voice and get it heard by said companies. This can mean you have opportunities for more than just independent reviews.

This brings us to the last reason to start a review blog: making money off your reviews. Even if you don’t want to make sponsored content for a specific product, starting a blog gives you options for monetization, such as running ads on your site. Having a site with frequent content can also open the door for professional online product review jobs down the line.

Creating Your Product Review Blog

Creating a product review blog is as easy as creating any other site.

If you’re new to creating websites, your head might be spinning when thinking about how to create a product review blog from scratch. If this applies to you, this guide will be a good starting point. For anyone already confident with building a site, we’ve got some specific tips for structuring one around product reviews. Let’s dive in.

Choosing a domain

Your domain is simply the web address where your readers will find your blog. It is also your blog’s – and your brand’s – identity. Keep that in mind when considering a domain name. Try to come up with something easy to find, relevant to your blog’s content, and unique to your brand. Once you’ve settled on a domain (or a backup if your first choice is taken), you’ll have to register it. Sites like NameCheap will allow you to do so. If you can, also make sure to get a .com version of your domain.

Website hosting

Once you have registered your domain, it’s time to consider your website’s host. While your domain is what links users to your site, a web host is where all of your site’s content is stored. That includes images, videos, and anything else you upload for your site. With all the potential benefits of starting a review blog, this is one of the easiest- and most important- parts to get right when building a site. So, let’s help you find the best hosting. While free hosting might seem appealing when you first start, this is not recommended. A web host will affect everything from your site’s security to its dependability and speed. This is not a place to cut corners for your budget. Fortunately, WP Super Host has some great deals on affordable site hosting. You can check out pricing for different plans at this product page.

Building your site

Before you can start publishing product reviews, you’ll need to finish building your site. To this end, there are several options at your disposal, but my preferred tool WordPress. Not only are there great hosting options through WP Super Host, WordPress also has an extensive library of plugins. This makes building and managing your site a breeze. Once you’ve got your domain registered and your WordPress account set up, the tools provided make it easy to select a theme and publish your site. For more in-depth tips, you can also find a complete guide to building a WordPress site on this blog.

Considering Content for Online Product Reviews

product review blog content production

Before jumping headlong into producing reviews, there are a few things you might want to consider about your content.

One of the most pressing concerns for a product review blog is, well, exactly what kind of product you want to review. This can seem daunting since blog product review opportunities are as numerous as the products you buy.

However, this is also exactly the key: review products that you know and that you know well. As mentioned before, this will make selecting content far easier for you. If you use certain products regularly, they’re probably related to something you already enjoy doing. An avid cook, for example, might start with reviews for new kitchen tools and accessories. If you’re someone who knows your way around technology and gadgets, stick to those at first. Readers appreciate honesty. Therefore, if they can tell that you don’t genuinely enjoy a product, they probably won’t stay engaged.

Another way to keep your readers engaged is to stick with products that are relatively new. Something like the tech industry is constantly delivering something new to consumers. Your readers will want the most up-to-date information on the latest releases, so try to have a fast turn-around on a new purchase and publishing your review.

This is all particularly important to keep in mind for anyone new to product reviews. When you start out, you’ll be producing content largely on your own dime, with products you purchase yourself. It might be hard to start reviewing new cars without a sponsored content deal. This may change once you’ve grown your audience, but we’ll cover that later.

Producing Content for Your Product Review Blog

product review blog content

Now that know which products you want to review, let’s look at how to research and write an online product review for articles on your site.

The form your content takes is entirely up to you. Many product reviews are supplemented by, or entirely hosted through video sharing sites. On WordPress, you’ll likely want to stick with written reviews. However, using video content, or even having a channel in addition to articles, can help expand your presence on other sites as well. It is important to know that the methods for how to do product reviews on a blog are slightly different than video reviews. Much more of the content will be focused on your writing than your visuals.

Even if you don’t use videos, you don’t have to solely rely upon your writing skills for your reviews. You can, of course, include an image on your site for reference, demonstration, or to highlight specific aspects of the product. Don’t be afraid to flex your photography muscles!

Keep in mind that you’ll want to use your own photos, videos, and demos of each product you review. Doing so can help build those skills while producing content. It also means you aren’t dependent on other sources to highlight parts of the product you want to focus on.

Monetizing Your Product Review Blog

monetize a product review blog

Making money off of your product reviews is the next step, and there are a few options to do so.

The easiest way to start making money off your product reviews is to monetize your WordPress blog itself. For a review blog, you’ll likely do this by running ads through agencies like Google AdSense or a bespoke membership through WordPress. Keep in mind that collecting passive income through ads will usually require an upfront investment from you. As such, it is important to build a readership large enough to cover that investment. You can also explore other options for monetizing your site at this blog post.

The other way that product reviewers make money is through sponsored content. Essentially, this means you enter into a deal with a company to review their product and advertise it on your blog. This usually comes with stipulations. Companies will want primarily positive reviews if they are sponsoring content and will usually provide guidelines for the article. However, products are usually provided for review on top of payment, so for many, it’s a win-win. In order for companies to be interested in sponsored content, your blog will need a much larger following. Distinguishing your brand, joining blogger networks, and making sure your site has good SEO are all ways you can start to build your audience.

Final Thoughts

Making your voice heard as a consumer is easier than ever through social media and dedicated blogging. On top of that, companies are also realizing the importance of reviews in online spaces. Whether it’s to make your voice heard or to start a side gig, the best time to learn how to start a product review blog is right now.

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