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David Gunnels

The political landscape is never a calm atmosphere. There is always a lot of differing opinions bouncing back and forth. It can even get pretty heated on a regular basis. This is true for congress as well as the general public. Political differences have been enough to end relationships and pull families apart.

Part of this is because the topic of politics is incredibly important. A lot of people have their fingers on the political pulse to stay informed. Because of that, you might want to make a political blog. Perhaps you feel that you can provide a new outlook on current and future politics. Maybe you have ideas on how to break politics down into easier to digest chunks. Regardless, there are many different ways people blog about politics today.

If you are interested in building a political blog, please use the table of contents below to learn more.

Table of Contents

Should I Start a Political Blog?

how to create a political blog

The first test is you reading this article. If you have made it this far, that is a pretty good sign that you might be a good candidate to run a political blog. There is more to it, though. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to run one can handle the pressure.

There is nothing wrong with preferring to keep things generally safe and comfortable. However, if that is you, maybe you should consider a different kind of blog. Politics is inherently uncomfortable. It is filled with differing points of view. Some viewpoints are seemingly inconsequential. Others might lead to people getting hurt financially, physically, or socially. Regardless, it feels like every issue is argued to boiling points.

If you are open to taking risks, then you are a step closer to being ready. More than that, you need to be able to quickly adapt and compensate. Anything said can be taken out of context, especially when written. You need to be quick on your feet with an appropriate response that clears any confusion without backpedaling. Else, you will likely stall early.

It is odd to say, but political experience and education is something a little further down the line. There is a market for an “everyman’s opinion” on issues. Not having a formal education in the topic does not disqualify you. However, be sure to be upfront with that information from the start. Also, you will want to start learning more about politics so that your viewpoint and opinion can grow the more you post.

How Easy is it to Make a Political Blog?

how easy is it to make a political blog

Today, making any kind of blog is surprisingly easy. There are many websites that can help you get a blog off the ground within the hour. These quick fixes do not typically work best for blogs that want to take things seriously, though. Those take a little more care. But before diving into that, what all does it take to make one?

What you need

The three main things you need are a computer, an internet connection, and an idea. You do not need to own a computer, but you do need consistent access to one. Whether it is one at the local library or one that belongs to friends or family, you need to be able to get to it frequently. Else, you likely will not be able to post often enough for your blog to pick up speed. Obviously, this goes for internet access as well. Your local library will have an internet connection, of course. Just make sure the computer you want to use has a reliable internet connection.

As far as an idea goes, you need more planned than just “politics.” What kind of take are you going with? What is your point of view? Are you an outsider, or do you subscribe to an existing party? Are you writing about foreign politics? Do you want to have humor, or do you want to be entirely serious and fact-based? All of these things are important to define before building content. A blog without a clear voice and direction feels chaotic and disjointed.

After you have all of these, you are ready to learn how to start a political blog.

How to Start a Political Blog

how to make a political blog

Once you have everything you need, you are ready to start building your new blog.

Acquire WordPress

The first step in creating any blog is to get WordPress. WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for blogs. Since WordPress is free, you can simply go to their website and download it directly. Then, you can make an account and get to building your blog.

From this point, look for a few websites that have a style that interests you. Only use these as ideas. Never steal content or design ideas. Only use them for inspiration. Then, if you need a hand, make sure to look at some tutorial videos and guides to get started.

What is a domain?

Next, your blog needs a domain. If you are unfamiliar, a domain is the core of a URL. These consist of the domain name and extension. The domain name is the common name of the site. For google.com, it is google. For wpsuperhost.com it is wpsuperhost. Depending on the popularity of your preferred domain name, it may not be readily available. However, your website extension can help with that.

The extension is the short string of characters listed after the name. It is most commonly 3 characters, but shorter and longer ones are becoming more popular. The most recognizable ones in the  US are .com, .net, .org, .gov, and .edu. Websites from other countries often have extensions unique to that country. For example, New Zealand has .nz. This system works well because if you are sold on a domain name, you have a few different ways to secure it. If someone else is already using the .com extension, you can still use .net if it is available. Over the past several years, more creative extensions have become available. Keep in mind, though, that .com is typically seen as more reliable than something like .sky or .pow.

Registering a domain

There are specific services that can reserve domains for you. These are called domain registrars. Unfortunately, WordPress does not secure domains for you. You have to use other services. A few of these include whois.com and domain.com. Some registrars double as hosts, but there is typically a catch that you have to use their hosting. In general, it is usually a good idea to secure your own domain separate from your host. This way, you have more control over your website.

Get it online

Now you need to get your website online. After building a site with WordPress and securing a domain, you need to get web hosting. A web host will store your site and provide it with a connection to the internet. Hosting is what allows others to visit your site online.

should i start a political blog

It is not enough to simply know how to start a political blog. It will all be for nothing if nobody wants to read it.

Do your homework

Do not start a political blog by winging it. You really have to know what you are talking about. Politics has many facets and no perfect solutions. You need to be incredibly informed on your topic and mindful of your conclusions.

Write consistently and often

This is a tip for all blogs. Blogs thrive on new content. Google loves seeing that a site is fresh and active. Users like to know they can routinely consume new material from your blog. A consistent schedule of at least one post every week is required to build a consistent user base.

Market yourself

You have access to social media. This is the time to put it to good use. You need to look into relevant groups on different social media platforms and get involved. Do not simply spam ads for your blog. You need to become part of these groups. Let them get comfortable with you and your style before pointing them to your website.

How to Start a Political Blog with the Right Hosting

how to start writing a political blog

What kind of hosting is best for your new political blog? There is not really any specific hosting geared toward political content, so there is no need to search for anything like that. Instead, keep your eyes open on a host that gives you peace of mind with fantastic performance.

Unless you are knowledgeable and willing to manage your own hosting, your best bet is to get a hold of managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting takes care of the maintenance and day-to-day operations of your hosting. Instead of you keeping up with security and making sure there are no issues with your hosting, your host does this. And yes, there are hosts that are built around WordPress. Considering that WordPress is both the most popular CMS and is open source, it makes a lot of sense. WordPress hosting gives you access to better performance at more affordable costs. Plus, there are plenty of extra features included usually.

One example of great WordPress hosting is with WP Super Host. We have packages to handle all kinds of blogs from brand new to exceedingly popular. We offer speeds, bandwidth, and storage options that give your blog everything it needs to show your posts quickly and consistently to every member of your reading audience. Some of our extra features include monitoring for uptime, WordPress updates, and plugin compatibility. You will not be left hanging if the latest WordPress update no longer works with the current version of your favorite plugin. Our team will be able to see and flag the discrepancy.

Your political blog deserves reliable speeds, constant connectivity, and outstanding features. That is why you can trust the team at WP Super Host to provide the best hosting possible for you. Take a few moments to consider the web hosting options we offer.

Final Thoughts

Politics are a sensitive topic. It takes a lot of tactfulness to get one off the ground. Even so, there are always risks when dealing with subject matter that can get heated without any notice. It is best to start off knowing exactly how to start a political blog so that you hit the ground running on the right foot.

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