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Courtney Dercqu

You built a website you’re proud of. Now all you need is for people to find it. Knowing how to get followers on WordPress is important because the more traffic your site receives, the more likely it is that internet search engines, like Google, will reward you with a higher ranking.

Think of this as a word-of-mouth referral to a really good restaurant; the more you talk about how good the food is, the more people are going to want to try it out for themselves. Before long, visitors to the restaurant are standing in line waiting for a reservation and the restaurant quickly becomes a top go-to for anyone in the mood for their particular cuisine. Your WordPress website works kind of the same way: the more people visit your site, the more Google thinks, “Hey, this site must be an authority on this subject matter, let’s give them a high ranking so people can find them.”

Simply put, internet search engines reward hard work and optimization…but if you’ve never dabbled in SEO before, what exactly do you do to get started? Utilize our table of contents below to jump ahead to a different section if you need to.

Table of Contents

How To Get More Followers On WordPress By Using Search Engine Optimization

how to get followers on wordpress

What is search engine optimization, or as industry experts call it, SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing your content so that it drives more traffic to your site by organic search results. Don’t be scared by these industry terms; you conduct organic searches every single day (and they play an important role when it comes to getting more followers on WordPress).

What is an organic search and why do they matter?

An organic search is when you type a word or phrase into an internet search engine like Google. This phrase could be anything such as “how to get followers on WordPress” or “what restaurants near me are open.” Every website that shows up with those matching phrases (also known as keywords) will appear, allowing you to choose the title and content that best fits your needs. Search engine optimization helps your website become one of the websites to rank on that first page and a key component of how to get blog followers on WordPress.

Blogging Consistently Can Help You Gain More WordPress Followers

how to get more followers on wordpress

Outside of search engine optimization, one of the easiest ways to get blog followers on WordPress is simply to blog more. In fact, according to WordPress themselves, blogging is one of the most important things you can do to help with search engine optimization. The reason why is twofold.

For starters, blogging regularly shows that your site is active, which helps let internet search engines, like Google, rank your site better. This is because internet search engines want to constantly offer updated and useful information to users. Blogging becomes an excellent way to do this, especially since many pages on your website will rarely be updated unless there is a significant change at your company or with the overall products and services you provide. Blogs add fresh content for internet search engines to index, which gives your website an added boost.

Secondly, blogging is a simple way to bring in more business, which will naturally develop into more followers. Studies from Square2Marketing show that businesses who blog see twice as much traffic as those who don’t. One of the main reasons why is because blogging helps to establish a relationship with the consumer while also listing you as an industry expert. Customers will be more likely to utilize the services, buy products, and promote a brand that they trust.

While regular blog posting may not seem like the quickest way to gain new followers on WordPress, it’s definitely one of the most consistent. Think of it this way: the more you blog, the more opportunities you’re providing for people to find your website. The more people who find your website, the more opportunities you have to gain new and loyal followers. If you want to know how to get more followers on WordPress, blogging often is the easiest way to get started (be sure to check out our other blog that provides tips for a first time blogger ready to start their blog). That being said, should you blog whenever you feel like it or should you have a strategy in place?

What time of day should I blog?

Industry experts believe the best times to post your blog posts are at 9:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm, with Saturday being the optimal day. But what happens if you’re busy at 1:00pm or you have plans to go out to brunch on a Saturday morning? Do you have to give up your social life to post a blog? Absolutely not.

WordPress allows users to schedule the date and time they want their blog to go live. So, if you sit down today to write four blogs, you can schedule them to go out every Saturday at 9:00am, if that’s what you prefer.

To schedule your blog, find the word “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner. Next to it should be the word “Immediately.” When you click on the word “Immediately” a calendar should pop up. Select your preferred date and time, hit “Schedule” and you’re good to go.

How To Get Blog Followers On WordPress By Using Keywords

how to get followers on my wordpress blog

It’s possible to gain followers on WordPress by using keywords, but how do you know what people are searching for? The answer lies in a simple internet search. Keywords are specific words and phrases that people search for online. Think of keywords as buzz words; what words do you want to stick out when they visit your website? These are called related keywords.

One of the easiest ways to find out which related keywords you should be adding on your website is by conducting a Google search to see what comes up when you search for your main keyword. For example, let’s say you have a fashion blog that you want to gain more followers for. If I’m a consumer and I want to find fashion-related blogs to follow, the related keywords that come up in my search include: fashion blogs, top style bloggers, fashion blog websites, and fashion (as seen below):

how to get followers on my wordpress blog

These related keywords are ones you should not only include in the body of your text but as tags to help increase visibility. To add tags to your WordPress post or page:

  • Login to WordPress and click on “Add New” for the page or post you’re creating
  • Go to the right-hand side of your new post or page where it says “Tags”
  • Type your tags in and separate them by a comma
  • Click “Add.”

Remember that repetitive keywords can actually harm your website’s ranking. This is because using the same keywords unnaturally makes internet search engines like Google think that you’re “keyword stuffing”, which can negatively harm your site’s overall ranking. It’s better to err on the side of caution and add only a few relevant keywords to your content as opposed to trying to cram everything in that may not even be relevant.

How To Get Followers On My WordPress Blog Fast

how to get blog followers on wordpress

One way you can help get quick visibility is by blogging about trending topics. Regardless of your industry, trending stories are a surefire way to get noticed fast because the hashtags will be trending on social media and at least for a little while, be a topic that garners everyone’s attention and interest.

The biggest benefit of capturing a trending story is the ease with which it can be shared online and across social media platforms. In today’s digital age, ordinary stories can go viral within minutes. This means that your content on the same subject matter has an opportunity to get in front of thousands, if not millions of people who are engaging with that particular story on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

As we pointed out before, the more people who click on your website, the better internet search engines will reward you. However, this isn’t a method you should rely on. While writing about a trending story is a good way to give your website a little boost and visibility, getting more followers on your WordPress blog is something that takes time.

Balance out current topics with “evergreen” content – content that will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. But knowing how to get followers on WordPress by utilizing keyword searches and SEO best practices is a great (and easy) way to get started.

WP Super Host can help improve your WordPress website

Building your WordPress website takes time and a lot of research and effort, which is why you want to monitor that everything is working as it should. This is exactly what WP Super Host can provide. After you build your site, there’s a lot of technical maintenance that has to be done to help keep it going, which can take you away from not only the stuff you have to do – but the parts of building a website that you WANT to do. So while WP Super Host can handle all the technical aspects of your website, such as monitoring your site’s performance, providing daily automatic website backups, and 24/7 uptime monitoring, you can focus on the fun part – creating content that will attract new followers! Whatever your need and budget, there is a WP Super Host pricing package that’s perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to get followers on WordPress is important to getting your brand out to the public. By utilizing SEO best practices, conducting keyword research, and blogging consistently, you’ll be able to build a website that not only attracts new customers, but retains them. Remember, you want to build a website that you would want to use. One of the best tips to remember when building a website is to ask yourself what kind of blog you would want to follow and why. Answering these questions will help ensure you’re building a WordPress blog that people are happy to follow. And once you’ve built your blog, WP Super Host is here to help keep it safe and functional.

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