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Jo Sabus

First impressions matter. Knowing this, anyone with their own website also knows the importance of a homepage. It is how your readers get a bearing on your site, learn to navigate it, and become familiar with your brand and voice. It is often also the first page they see. I say “often” for a couple reasons. One reason is that readers may enter your through a blog post or article, and then navigate to the home page from there. The other reason is that your site might have a dedicated landing page.

Now, I used to think that a homepage and landing page were one and the same. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking otherwise, either. Despite sounding like a homepage, a landing page has a very specific function for a site when it comes to marketing, and social media presence, and conversion. For blogs not dedicated to marketing, a landing page can help bring in new visitors and keep existing ones.

The exact function of a landing page can get a bit muddled with technical and marketing jargon. However, understanding what is on one will make it much more clear. Learning how to build a landing page in WordPress will help as well. Once you get a handle on what a landing page is, it’ll become clear how they are one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your site.

Table of Contents

What is a WordPress Landing Page?

what is a wordpress landing page

Knowing the difference between a homepage and a landing page is key.

Think of a homepage as the entryway of an actual home. From there you’re already inside, you can get a peek at individual parts, and generally figure out where everything is located. Now, think of a landing page as the driveway or front steps. It is a page which leads you in, from another site to yours. Its main purpose is to bring you to the door and make it seem inviting to come back.

In practical terms, a homepage is there for presentation and navigation, while a landing page is for conversion. This usually takes the form of lead generation, which is a fancy way to say “make people interested”. In other words, a landing page is meant to keep visitors engaged through email, social media, or through purchasing something the site offers. This means a landing page actually has fewer links to elsewhere on the site. Instead, depending on the type of site, a landing page can include a few different things. Most of these elements are meant to either engage viewer interest or open up a continued line of communication outside the site.

What to Include in a WordPress Landing Page

content for wordpress landing page

So what exactly does a landing page have on it?

You’ve probably visited a landing page without even knowing it was one. A dedicated page to sign up for email newsletters from a sight is a classic example of a landing page. These are common for sites dedicated to limited marketing campaigns or specific products. This type of “squeeze page” is the most common form of landing page according to Hubspot. This is because the primary goal of a landing page is to open a channel for further engagement or communication, with email being the most effective.

A landing page for a site selling a product or service will also include direct purchasing links. This includes pricing options for services or direct store links. For services, the landing page might even function doubly as the homepage. So it’s best not to take the metaphor from the last section too literally. Still, this dual-purpose just goes to show how important a landing page is for businesses’ sites.

Even if you don’t run a business, a landing page can still be invaluable for maintaining a site and increasing conversion. So, let’s take a look at how to make a landing page in WordPress.

How to Create a Landing Page with WordPress Plugins

how to create a landing page with wordpress

WordPress features some of the best landing page plugins.

Why to use WordPress

I’ve talked about building a landing page in terms of WordPress for a couple reasons. Firstly, WordPress features a variety of great plugins, including ones dedicated to building a landing page. Of all the building tools, Beaver Builder has proven to be one of the most reliable and easy to use. Install it like you you any other WordPress plugin. This can be done easily through your WordPress dashboard’s search bar.

After that, you’ll have to buy a license and activate it. At the time of writing, the cheapest option for Beaver Builder starts at $99 for lifetime access. This can seems like a hefty fee for some users, but remember that a landing page is one of the most effective ways to increase conversion on your site. With a good landing page, this plugin can pay for itself in no time.

Using Beaver Builder

Once you’ve got Beaver Builder installed and activated, simply navigate to the Beaver Builder menu under your dashboard and start building. On this menu, you’ll find both a text editor and Beaver Builder tab. The latter of which will help you with the bulk of page layout, visuals, and page themes. We’ll talk about the importance of finding the right theme in the next section.

You might also consider installing the Google analytics plugin if you haven’t already. On its own, it’s a useful tool to have for tracking site traffic and stats. Here, however, it can also be a good way to track the effectiveness of your landing page so that you can continue to improve its layout for the best conversion results.

The importance of site hosting

The other reason WordPress is a great choice for building a site is the selection of web hosts. If you’re just starting your site, lead generation can help you build your audience. Therefore, it’s important to find a good web host, since this is one of the easiest ways to improve site performance. This blog post goes into more detail about how good web hosting can a improve speeds for new sites.

When in comes to landing pages in particular, the difference between a few seconds of loading time can mean all the difference for keeping a consumer’s interest. WP Super Host offers a variety of packages for hosting to fit any site. Check out our pricing options at this page.

Other page builders

You don’t have to stop your search for plugins at the Beaver Builder. Plenty of other plugins will allows you to add great pages to you site, including improvements for your landing page. Like Beaver Builder, Divi also features easy-to-use visual editing for pages on your site. Use what you learn from building a landing page to improve other parts of your site as well! You can explore other options for page builders with guidance at this blog.

Themes for a WordPress Landing Page

wordpress landing page themes

Stepping back for a moment, let’s discuss the importance of WordPress landing page themes.

If you have already built a site, you’re probably familiar with the importance of website themes. These are what gives your site layout its voice and distinctiveness. Themes can go a long way when it comes to defining your brand, making your site appealing, and increasing readability. This is no different for a landing page.

As discussed, Beaver Builder and similar tools make it easy to design your landing page’s layout and theme. When considering a landing page theme, keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you want to keep its style consistent with the rest of you site. Second, keep in mind what page elements you want to draw your visitors’ attention to and design around that. If you are setting up a squeeze page for opening email communication, make sure the email form field is front and center.

Lastly, make you landing page visually appealing. Put just as much effort into the look of your landing page as you do anywhere else on your site. Once you set up a landing page, it might become the first thing new visitors to you site see. If it looks like an afterthought, they’ll think the rest of your site looks has the same effort put into it.

Final Thoughts

Landing pages are one of the most important features to keep in mind when improving your site’s SEO and engagement. They are a flexible tool that can be used for a variety of sites, whether your running a business or a blog. In either case, viewer retention is vital to a site’s success. By opening up channels of communication, generating leads, or giving your consumer buying options, a landing page can make all the difference.

On top of this, WordPress makes simple to create your own landing page. With plugins like Beaver Builder and fast hosting options through WP Super Host, WordPress has your best options for an effective landing page.

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