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David Gunnels

In the past, it has been easy to brush off web hosting. It was common to hear that someone just wants their site online. They did not really care about the nuances of how it performed or how to shave a millisecond off of a page’s loading time. It was a simple, three-part question. Is my website up? Are all pages working? Is all of my content available?

We do not have the luxury to not care about that anymore. Our mindsets have adjusted with the times. In the years of dial-up,  humans regularly waited minutes for some web pages to fully load. Now, a bot can notice and judge a website based on fractions of a second. That is an incredible change. However, it makes sense. Around two and a half decades have passed between then and now. We need to make sure we get with the times.

At first, it may seem like only the popular and high traffic websites need to worry about fast WordPress hosting. Unfortunately, it is a concern for anyone with a website. To learn more about hosting speed and why it is important, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Do I Need Super Fast WordPress Hosting?

fast WordPress hosting

For any website or blog to gather visitors, it needs really great hosting. Even a website with the best content on it cannot do much with it if the website is slow and poorly optimized. Users get frustrated on slow sites and ditch them. That makes search engines want to put slower sites lower in the search results. Their job is to show users what they want to see. People will start using other search engines if they are consistently dropped off on websites that are slow or get knocked offline occasionally.

Also, in 2021, site speed will be directly measured to grade websites. Before, it has been only regarded indirectly. Low speeds would account for poor user experience. The search engine web crawlers would notice the drop in user interaction and grade that performance accordingly. This has been enough incentive by itself to inspire webmasters to make their sites as fast as possible.

Starting in 2021, however, things are going to be elevated. With site speed being a direct metric for SEO ratings, it will more important than ever to optimize speeds. Fantastic content might hold a user’s attention long enough to avoid a bounce, but it will not be able to stop a bot from seeing that your site is loading slower than the top results.

What Level of WordPress Fast Hosting Do I Need?

wordpress fast hosting

The level of performance you need is tied to how your website is doing. If you are just starting out, then it is not likely you need to best hosting options available. Paying for unlimited bandwidth and support for millions of monthly visitors is a fast way to waste money on something you have no chance of using. You would notice no difference between the highest package and a lower package at a much more manageable cost.

The good news is that most web hosts are quick to give you examples of what sites are suited for what packages. They will usually give you a sample number of visitors that hosting will support. That alone can give you a better idea of what you are looking for than comparing raw information of bandwidth, speed, etc. Of course, it is best to combine this information with user reviews and testimonials. While it is not likely that a web host is lying about or exaggerating their abilities to purposely mislead you, it is true that getting a consumer’s perspective on a product or service is a great way to see how it is being received by customers.

Who Has Fast WordPress Hosting?

super fast wordpress hosting

There are many options for really fast hosting, especially for WordPress. A lot of the top players will advertise having incredibly fast service. These are not usually an exaggeration, because all it would take is a high traffic site to test the speeds and prove the claim wrong. The problem is that most of these companies will charge a fortune for the speeds they advertise. Otherwise, you have to compromise for a package at a lower speed than you were looking for.

Pure speed generated by hardware can be expensive. However, there are ways to maximize performance without throwing money at the problem. Some hosts have gotten creative. One way to find more affordable, quality options is by finding a managed WordPress host. These providers are more suited for WordPress and have optimized their performance. This tactic allows for higher quality at lower costs.

WordPress is open-source. This means that the coding that makes up WordPress is available for anyone who wants to use it. This is why there is a huge market for plugins and themes. It is also how managed WordPress hosts can offer better hosting at more competitive prices. Being able to build hosting to better suit WordPress gives a host the opportunity to optimize features and make a better plan for how the servers operate. The end result is a better experience for everyone involved.

CDN enhances fast hosting for WordPress

One particular feature you should look for in your host is CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) can do wonders when it comes to web speeds. Primarily, it works to cache a lot of web content more locally so that users experience higher performance. This helps across the board. It goes a long way in keeping your site fast. This is because the cached data at the CDN server closest to the user takes some of the load off of the hosting server. This minimizes load time, bandwidth, and chances of downtime.

A lot of this comes down to how data travels. It is true that data travels extraordinarily quickly. However, it still moves. Movement takes time. And just like everything else, it takes data more time to move longer distances. So when we can have cached data ready at a location close to a user, it is working double. First, it is working to deliver parts of the webpage in tandem with your site’s hosting. Then, the closer location means the information gets to the user faster than it would otherwise. The result is a faster and smoother user experience. And when things run great, visitors are more likely to stick around a little more.

What Makes WP Super Host the Best Fast WordPress Hosting?

fast hosting for wordpress

At WP Super Host, we put our reputation on our quality. We work hard to offer the best hosting with the highest uptime and best speeds possible. To match your current needs, we have different packages to help make sure you are not paying for anything you do not need. Plus, you can scale up your hosting whenever you need the next level of performance.

Aside from providing the best quality possible, we have developed many valuable features to keep your site running smoothly. First, we provide a site speed report. This not only gives you a clear idea of your speed is performing, but it also gives you suggestions on moves you can make to improve your website’s speed. This way, we work to help you make your website as fast as possible. This is, of course, on top of the high level of speed we provide in the first place. And if that is not enough, we take speed to a new level with a CDN.

We have many other features that are not directly related to speed. For example, we make it incredibly easy to migrate your site to us from another host. Then, while we are hosting your site, you have access to free SSL certification, SFTP access, and daily backups. To make your experience even easier, we have had our engineers create an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to make managing your hosting account a breeze. And for other development and design-minded, we offer staging and dev environments.

WP Super Host works to incorporate as many helpful features as possible for the sites we host. The features discussed here are not even all of what we have available. And these are not premium features intended only for higher-level accounts. Every site we host gets access to these. So when you want to get the fastest hosting with the best features around, check out the full list of features and packages from WP Super Host.

Final Thoughts

We are always in a hurry. The same is doubly true for the internet. To keep up with the pace of our digital neighbors, we need to secure fast WordPress hosting. Unless you have direct competitors, no one probably intends to leave you in the data dust. But that does not mean anyone will slow down to help you catch up. It is up to you to make sure you have the website hosting performance your site needs.

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