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David Gunnels

Starting out, everyone wants to find easy WordPress themes. Themes are extremely important for your WordPress site. Finding an appropriate theme for your site is considered one of the main steps in making a website. Dropping the ball here could have consequences that last years. A poorly optimized theme can turn people off to your website. Lower traffic begets even lower traffic as Google keeps your ranking low. So aside from going with WordPress as your CMS and finding the best host, this is one of the biggest factors in getting your website off on the right foot.

To learn more about WordPress easy themes, navigate through this article with the following table of contents.

Table of Contents

What Are Easy WordPress Themes?

easy wordpress themes

Originally, themes came in two styles: template or customizable. The template themes led to sites looking very similar. This is still the case, but not like it used to be when creating your website was not a user friendly process. The customizable option helped make sure a website would be unique and specifically tailored to the site’s purpose. That is, as long as the user knew what they were doing. Without the knowledge of how to design and build the website, it could take weeks for an amateur to finish working on a website. And it was likely still poorly made with design flaws and breaking bugs all over.

Today, things are a little different. Those two styles are still around, but it is likely you can find a compromise of the two. These themes are easy to understand and use while not locking you down. These easy WordPress themes free up your time by not forcing you to slog through a complicated interface. But they are also not stock-looking themes that leaves your site looking generic. The most obvious place to find great themes is on the WordPress website. They facilitate access to thousands of themes.

Easy Customizable WordPress Themes

wordpress easy to use themes

Nobody wants their site to look like a template. But typically, the more customization you have, the complicated something gets. Finding the balance between control and convenience is tricky business. However, there are WordPress easy themes that do a great job of letting you call more of the shots.


The theme, Interactive, is designed with customization in mind. It includes a simple interface that lets you take control of many different ways to reach out to your visitors. As the name suggests, the focus of this theme is to help you interact with visitors to your site. This is a great choice for someone looking to house a lot of content and play around with ways to further engage people who click on your link.

Interactive is priced at $69.00, but it is often on sale for $10.00 less. This is pretty standard pricing in regards to themes. This price includes future updates and support to help make sure the theme is always compatible with the latest WordPress version.


Divi from Elegant Themes aims to take WordPress themes up a notch. The price for Divi is larger than most themes, but it does have a valuable lifetime access package for $249. That is a steep price for a theme, but it does stop you from having to resubscribe to a theme every year. Plus, after several years, it will end up being less expensive than subscribing to one.

Divi has a drag-and-drop building mode to help keep things simple. That does not stop it from allowing you to customize everything. It comes with a new editor for WordPress that help simplify it into a more visual model. One of the best features is that it is versatile in how you can change the designs. It is feasible to use Divi to create a few different designs that can be suited for specific kinds of websites. This helps make Divi a great contender in easy WordPress themes.

Divi has pricing that starts at $89.00 per year. However, you can usually find it on sale for $70. This is higher than the average cost of themes, but it also offers a lot more. The level of customization in a user-friendly environment can give your website some shine without you needing a computer science degree to get it. Plus, the lifetime access package could end up saving you money in the long run.

Best Easy to Use WordPress Themes

easy and free wordpress themes

But how would you go about finding easy to use WordPress themes freelance website designers might use? Sometimes, the best and easiest theme is one that is best suited for your website. Finding the most simple to use blog theme will not help you much when creating an eCommerce site.

Easy WordPress eCommerce themes

A popular choice for eCommerce themes in WordPress is Astra. The theme is integrated with WooCommerce right away to help you design your site around eCommerce. Astra helps ease you into the idea of themes by offering a selection of starter designs. When you are ready to experiment, the theme has options for you to customize pretty much everything. And beginning with a starter design means you can take your time and explore how to customize your website at your own speed while it is already live.

Pricing for Astra starts at $59.oo. Common sales bring the price down to around $47.00.

Easy WordPress blog themes

WordPress is the blogging CMS. It began as a blogging tool, and it is known as the best content creator for blogs today. There is no shortage of great blogging themes. The list gets shorter when we want them to be easy to use and still personalized. Jeveline is easy to use and still gives you the ability to give your blog the personal touches it needs. Visitors need to be able to get a feel of who you are when they see your website, and Jeveline has many different customization options that help you pull that off.

A regular license for Jevelin retails at $59.00. Contrary to the other paid options on our list, it seems this price is pretty standard without a common sale price.

Easy free WordPress themes

The best place to find free WordPress themes is directly from WordPress. As stated above, they have thousands of themes available. You can filter the results to show only those relevant to your needs. This includes different customization options. For any theme that catches your eye, you can click to find more information about them. This includes the most important factor of all, the ratings. You can get a feel for how easy a theme is based on how it is rated. Even if you are not quite sure, searching for the theme on your favorite search engine may show you some discussion threads about it.

Obviously, the price for these are free. As far as starting out and exploring different options of how you want to build your website, this is a good place to start. These themes are low risk in regards to experimenting with. And doing so will help you know exactly what you want to look for when you want a more intensive theme that can keep up with the latest updates.

The Best Host for Easy WordPress Themes

easy wordpress themes that are free

Regardless of the theme that works best for you, you will need an incredible hosting service to host the website. The first thing to do is to look specifically for WordPress hosting. You do not have to settle for a hosting service that is set for all websites in general. Working with a host that focuses on WordPress helps with efficiency and cost. It is easier for your specialized host to work in tandem with WordPress. These savings are passed to you. This also opens up possibilities for your host to help you manage your website. In the case of WP Super Host, we offer WordPress update monitoring and plugin monitoring to help you stay on top of things.

But even with a host built specifically for WordPress, you need certain features. Daily backups are a must to keep things stable in case something goes wrong. You also want a fast setup to get you online as soon as possible. A great staging environment lets you play around with updates and new plugins without having to push the changes to your live site. If you already have a website host, then an easy migration process needs to be a top priority. For eCommerce, you are best finding a host that offers free automatic SSL. One place where you can find all of this and more is WP Super Host. Take a look at some of the best hosting options right here at WP Super Host to get your website online right away.

Final Thoughts

One primary key to starting your website right is in finding easy WordPress themes. The best and most intuitive ones will usually come with a price tag. When it comes to the internet, anything good or better needs funding. Since your theme dictates the look, feel, and layout of your website, you cannot afford to neglect your theme.

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