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David Gunnels

Do I need a website?

Today, that question comes up a lot. It often feels like everyone has at least one website. There are all kinds of websites for personal, social, and business reasons. Some start businesses with their websites while others only want one as a public photo album of sorts. Many of the uses might even seem silly or petty.

However, back to the question. Do you need a website? The short answer is “yes.” It is becoming more of a necessity to have a website every day. The low cost, ease of use, and possible benefits of having a website make it a no brainer. Also, it does not even have to take a lot of your time.

To learn more about why you need a website, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Why Do I Need a Website?

why you need a website

Much of our lives is spent on the internet, so it is reasonable for you to be represented by more than a social media page. You should have a spot carved out that is entirely yours. Whether for work, play, hobby, art, or whatever, a website is a great outlet to show off what you are all about. Even if it feels a little pointless at first, this is important. Even the silliest website has quite a few uses.

A casual site today can easily be a professional site next year. It is easy to use a website as a place to show some of your art, digital media, writing, cross-stitching, fashion design, amateur true crime research, or anything else you are into. After that, what usually happens is you start seeing opportunities based on your interests. Sometimes, the cross-stitching group you are a part of needs a new admin. Or, one of your Facebook friends posts about needing graphic design work done. Before, you likely had no way to seriously inquire about these chances. This time, though, you can send over your website and show off your samples.

Even if you have no intentions in these kinds of side jobs, there are still plenty of uses. First, a website is the best way for family and friends to keep up with you. Social media sites are bogged down with posts from countless people, promoted posts, and advertisements. Your contributions are easily lost in all of the noise. Your website is all about you and what you want to show. You have complete control of everything your visitors will see and read on every page.

When do I need a website?

You need a website now. The sooner your website is up, the sooner it can be seen. Also, Google likes websites that have been around for a while. But do not navigate to WordPress yet. Before you leave, it is best to learn how to get started.

What Do I Need to Start a Website?

what do i need to start a website

To start a website, you need an idea, a computer, and an internet connection. There are different ways to get started, though. Some like to plan out their site on paper to get a general idea of the design. Others like to browse YouTube for How-To videos of building sites. There are also a lot of people like you: looking at blogs of reputable companies for guidance on getting started.

There is no wrong answer considering how to get started on a website. Many people dive headfirst into WordPress and figure things out as they go. Until the site is public, there are no consequences for playing around with the system to learn how it works. Regardless of what methods you use, once you are familiar with the idea, it is time to get WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) out there. It is perfect for blogs and can be used to create any kind of website you can imagine too. And the best part is that it is free.

What Do I Need to Build a Website?

why do you need to create a website

There are a couple of routes to go. Making websites can be a little complicated. If you feel discouraged when learning how to build one, you can hire someone to build one for you. Keep in mind, any web designer worth your money is going to be expensive. It takes a lot of time, study, and practice to master website design. If you go this way, you will be paying, but you know you will have a solid website that looks great.

The other main option is to make it yourself. This takes a lot more effort on your end, but it is free. Also, you will know all of the details of how you built it. So when you need to make changes in the future, it will be easier to make them.  It is important to note that WordPress can look intimidating. However, it is fairly easy to use with a lot of tutorial information. And if it gets too complicated, there are several WordPress themes out there that can add elements to make it even more user-friendly.

Where do I need a website built?

You can download WordPress directly from their website. Getting it directly from there will give you everything you need to build your site. After that, you will likely need to look at some plugins and themes to add functionality and aesthetics to your site. You can get started looking at some of the more popular and free ones on WordPress. For ones that are a little more involved, you can search online and find many options for paid items.

The kinds of plugins and themes you need depend on your site. If you plan to sell anything, then you will need an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. For hosting a portfolio of works, there are a lot of gallery management plugins that help bring your work into the spotlight. In regards to helping with the backend of the site, SEO plugins like Yoast and others can go a long way to helping your site rank better on Google searches.

After your website is built, there is one main step left. You have to get your website online for others to see it. What is the point of a website that nobody can see? You need to secure a domain, and then you need a website host.

What Do I Need to Host a Website?

what do you need for a website

Now you need to find a place for your website to live. Of course, before you can host a website, you need a site in the first place. Aside from that, you will need to have secured a domain name. Your domain will be whatever your users will type into their address bar to visit your site.

The WordPress CMS does not have a function to secure a domain for you. Also, your host will not be set up to do this for you. However, the process is simple. If you visit a site like WhoIs, you can browse through names you have in mind to see if they are available. If so, there will be pricing and purchase information attached. Find the one you like, and finish the checkout process. Then, you will have what you need to provide your host to get your website live.

Where do I need a website hosted?

Your WordPress site has many options for hosts. Luckily, you can trim that number down by looking at managed hosts made specifically for WordPress. Not only will these hosts have more functionality, but they will likely have a lower cost too. Also, managed hosts take care of a lot of the technical processes involved with keeping your site up and secure.

It is best to pick a host that is known to be reliable and inexpensive. Even their smaller package should supply plenty of bandwidth in case your site sees a sudden surge of visitors. The best host for your needs is WP Super Host. We offer these things and so much more. We offer update, plugin, and uptime monitoring to make sure everything is running smoothly. With us, you get incredibly fast setup, automated daily backups, and an easy-to-use dashboard. The best part is that all of these features are included in every one of our packages. So while building your WordPress site, be sure to visit our site and check out our packages for website hosting.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question, “Do I need a website?” should be clear. Everyone benefits from having their own website. Building a site can be fairly easy, and getting it online is simple and fast. With all of that said, there is no reason anyone should have to go without a website of their own. From personal use to showcasing hobbies and professional works, a website is your best bet to being represented online today.

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