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Alli Davis

If you know me, you know that I read a lot. The books I read tend to be heavy and heartbreaking, so I think my friends are surprised that the #1 book I recommend is a 20-page children’s story. The Dot by Peter Reynolds tells the story of a little girl who discovers that even the littlest dot is art. At the end of the book, she helps someone else conquer that same fear by simply sharing her art with him.

Art is beautiful in its own right, but I think it’s even more beautiful when it’s shared with others. Zeb Lund is one local artist who finds most of his joy and passion in the “making,” but it’s a different feeling when someone else finds joy in his work. When they take a picture of his art, request a custom piece or post his art on social media, Zeb said he finds a new passion for producing.

When I heard about Zeb’s art, I was immediately intrigued. He works full-time at an architecture firm, but he said he finds a particular joy in ruins, or buildings and structures that have been destroyed. When I asked how he decided to become an artist, he said there probably was never a “how” or “why.”

“Art isn’t really a meditated decision,” he said. “What I do is driven by an inner need to do, an expression of thought.”

Zeb sees the relationship between his career in architecture and his “hobby” as an artist intertwine every day. In fact, they’re not so different in his mind.

Photo courtesy of Zeb Lund.

“Thoughts are constantly cross-referenced as I work through the content on the website or my work in architecture,” Lund said. “I understand them to be related, if not the same thing.”

In the future, Zeb seeks to embrace the spatial and referential aspects of his art. There is a strong Midwestern influence and presence in his work, which is probably due in part to his love for “the historical, precedents and the vestigial.” He speculates that his training in architecture makes his art unique, along with the “irrational confidence that what I am doing is still just as valuable.” He sees even more uniqueness in his inability to separate his art from his architecture and the way he combines these concepts with rural influences.

Zeb shares his art on his WordPress website, hosted by WP Super Host.

He chose to host his website with WP Super Host’s Sidekick plan, since he wasn’t sure what features and services he would need in the beginning. He said our hosting service helped him find success as an artist by giving him a platform to share his art on a website that’s easy to use, maintain and change without too much assistance. He said he feels comfortable operating, changing and updating the site with all the resources he needs right now.

This online platform lets Zeb share his art with others, giving him a way to share “those expressions thought to have any sort of potential value beyond the joy found in the making.”

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