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David Gunnels

Which is better for a photography blog, WordPress or Blogger? WordPress. However, you are likely looking for more than a one-word answer. You are looking for reasons. Why not use Blogger vs WordPress? As you will see below, Blogger is not exactly taken seriously most of the time.

If you want to learn more about the discussion of BlogSpot vs WordPress, navigate through the post using the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Blogger vs WordPress vs BlogSpot

BlogSpot vs WordPress

First, I want to establish something. You may have seen similar arguments or headlines along the lines of “WordPress vs Blogger vs BlogSpot.” There is a little confusion here. For the purposes of one blog CMS vs another CMS, Blogger and BlogSpot are the same. Blogger is the name of the platform Google owns that builds blogs. BlogSpot is the domain that is assigned to your blogger blog. So the comparison is really between WordPress and Blogger/BlogSpot instead of three separate entities.


Blogger is a system that allows users to publish blogs online. It was acquired by Google back in 2003 and is still used today. In the years since the Google acquisition, the platform has moved onto Google’s servers and has seen an increase in performance and useability.

Blogger is designed to get online very quickly. New users are asked to choose from a few templates, and then customize them to a limited extent. The limited nature of the customization makes it difficult to have a unique blog, though. Over the past several years, Google has opened the platform a little to allow more technical changes. Unfortunately, this requires at least a workable knowledge of HTML and CSS.

One of the most restrictive of Blogger issues is the limitations in what users are allowed to post. There are limits on labels, media content, the size of each page, the dimensions of each picture, and more. It may be that there is a lot of these restrictions you will not notice on a daily basis. But even just hitting a ceiling once or twice or month can get really annoying and limiting.


BlogSpot is the domain and hosting that Blogger uses. On the surface, this means that Your URL will end in “blogspot.com.” For example, “http://www.exampleblog.blogspot.com/.” Not only does this lack professionalism, but it really limits your ability for a memorable domain. It is much less likely for someone to remember a site name that has the word “BlogSpot” taking up space.

This also gives you less control. Typically, BlogSpot is the hosting you get. You have no control over the specifications or configuration of this hosting like you do with managed hosting. There also are not really any features you can expect from BlogSpot. Remember, there is a reason why this option is free.

Unfortunately, BlogSpot has been blocked by a variety of countries for some reason or another. Some examples are Cuba, India, China, and Russia. This has been for a variety of reasons. One common excuse is that there are BlogSpot website blogs that contain, what the leaders believe to be, extremist language. To make sure everything they want is blocked, it was easier to block BlogSpot domains entirely.

BlogSpot hosting does have a few extra limitations. You can only store a certain amount of data, and that is a static limit. Without a way to scale that limit up, it really hurts chances for your site to grow.


WordPress is a standalone CMS for websites. It started as a blog creation system that has greatly expanded its use and focus over the years. There is no limit to the kinds of sites that WordPress can make. It has no proprietary products or hosting that it forces on its users. The downside to this is that each user is responsible for securing their own domains with sites like WhoIs and finding their own hosting.

WordPress is open-source, so it has a lot of third-party support. This normally comes in the existence of plugins and themes. In general, you can think of plugins as ways to enhance the functionality and features of your website. Themes are ways to overhaul the look, feel, and how users interact with your website. Themes go a long way in helping your website look and feel professional, and plugins really help your website perform and act more professional.

Why Use WordPress vs Blogger for SEO

which is better for a photography blog wordpress or blogger

Do you have any serious intentions regarding your blog? And I mean anything at all. Do you want to showcase any work you have done? Are you interested in attracting visitors to your blog? Do you want any visitors to take you seriously? Any real aspirations you have for your website need to be answered with WordPress. I normally do not like to use absolutes, but this is the way of it.


WordPress is wide open and leaves you in control of how things run. For the amount of control that gives you, that is fantastic. However, it can come across as overwhelming at first. But, do not get worked up yet. This is the reason why plugins like Yoast exist. Yoast gives you tips on how to configure your site and web pages with some of the best SEO practices. There is no need for you to take on a task like SEO without any guidance.

Optimizing your website is an ongoing task. It is best to have the ability to control the slugs, keep track of keywords, input alt image tags, etc. Google takes all of these things into consideration when ranking your site in search results.

WordPress allows its users to find the best hosting that works for them. If you see any eCommerce potential for your blog, you want a host that offers a free SSL certificate. Everybody needs features like daily backups and monitoring of speed, updates, plugins, and uptime. For all of this, as well as reliably fast speeds and high bandwidth, you need to trust the professionals at WP Super Host. To get started, look at our available packages for managed WordPress hosting today.


Blogger gives you about as much customization as a Word document. You can change some of how it looks and what is written. Perhaps you can navigate the settings to change a couple of things, but the program is pretty set. You get what it offers you, and you make due.

This is not entirely bad. For anyone looking to just play around and write a little, getting a Blogger account might not be a bad idea. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with it. Many people create a BlogSpot website before moving up to WordPress. Be careful, though. It might not be the easiest task to move your Blogger content to WordPress. You should be prepared to leave a lot of your Blogger posts behind in this case.

Another point against Blogger has to do with content control. As opposed to WordPress, Google has attempted to limit the kind of content its users are allowed to post. In 2015, they stopped allowing their users from posting sexually explicit content. They did reverse this decision after getting backlash from veteran accounts. However, it does bring up a concerning point. While the general blog creator may not plan on using sexual imagery, Google could look to control other kinds of content down the line. While that may not seem likely today, it is usually better to play on the safe side and go with the CMS that has not tried to censor or block any kind of content.

The Source of Blogger Problems

wordpress vs blogger vs blogspot

The real center of these Blogger issues really comes from expectations. Blogger is not really intended to be more than a personal blog. When you want a place to draft some musings or memories without any pressure, then maybe you should check out Blogger. There is very little you have to do to set it up.

But doesn’t Google own Blogger?

Yes, Google does own Blogger. That does not mean it treats BlogSpot domains special in regards to search results. These sites have to follow the same SEO guidelines all sites do. The web crawler Google uses to test for proper SEO does not give a pass for BlogSpot domains. And with Blogger, you have little to no control over the SEO. You are completely at their mercy.

I would venture to say that Google knows Blogger’s place. Since they are all simple blogs that users create with no investment and nothing at stake, it is harder to take them seriously. Like typical, a site has to first prove to Google that it deserves a higher spot first. Google, as a search engine, knows that it is only as valuable as the sites it sends us to. If it spams BlogSpot pages all over the first page of every search, we will go elsewhere to browse the internet.

Final Thoughts

There is a clear division considering BlogSpot vs WordPress. If you want to just play around with some writing and not concern yourself with the details, then give the Blogger platform a try. There is no initial investment, so the worst-case scenario is you abandon it and try WordPress. However, if you want to get anything out of your blog at all, then you absolutely need to start with WordPress. It is the best way to get started on the right foot in the blogging world.

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