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David Gunnels

All websites need to be hosted. Whether they are blogs built from Wix templates or the home site of a multinational corporation, the website has to live somewhere. If someone builds a website themselves, they can clearly see what level of hosting they need. Things are a little different when considering web developer hosting. It is common practice for a web developer to include hosting when making a website for a client. In those situations, it is up to the developer to provide the hosting in one way or another. Your developer website hosting needs can sometimes be a little more demanding than casual websites or blogs.

Being in web development, your needs are not the same as someone looking to host their own personal website. It is very common to ask about the best hosting for web developers. To find out, look to the table of contents below and click on the topic you need.

Table of Contents

How Does a Web Developer Host?

best web hosting for wordpress web developer

To put it simply, the best web developers host by paying trusted professionals to do it. No matter how much work went into a website, it is only useful if others can visit it. So it must have a host no matter what. There are many different options for website hosting out there. With no shortage of hosts, you are free to pick one that offers the features you and your clients need. One potential option is to host the sites yourself. However, trying to do your own developer website hosting on such a scale is a first class ticket to disaster. Trying to run an improvised server farm while developing websites can leave you pulling your hair out.

The Trap of Self-Hosting

It is easy to get caught up in the thought of, “I have the technical knowledge and equipment to host these sites myself.” Unfortunately, this line of thinking quickly becomes a sizable burden. At best, it is a massive headache. At worst, it can derail your whole operation.

The concept of spreading yourself thin is very real when web developers try to take on hosting responsibilities as well. Now, instead of doing what you do best, you are spending a lot of time with the upkeep and management of being a web host. If you are already a great web developer, there is no need to take on extra weight. You can make sure you can focus your attention on developing the best websites while trusting the hosting details to professionals who specialize in that.

Your best option is to find a host with a great reputation and reasonable prices. When looking for the best hosting for web developers, you want to be sure the company will stick around.

Why Not Give the Web Developer Hosting to the Client?

developer wordpress website hosting

Many times, a client wants to be in control of where the site is hosted. They insist on taking the responsibility themselves. However, this is not the best idea for everyone involved. There are a lot of decisions in running a website well after it is built. Not supplying the hosting yourself ties your hands when maintenance is concerned. When modifications are needed (and they will be needed at some point), you will have to jump through hoops just to even get started. Sometimes, it is even in the contract that the client does not actually own the developed website. In that case, letting them host has more issues.

Updates and Plugins

One of the biggest pains in website development is far after the site is finished. Even dealing with extremely picky clients is not as annoying as trying to arrange for updates and plugin support for a site that the client is hosting. Regardless of who the client uses as a host, you are not the one who can take the lead and make the decisions and changes needed. We all know that websites and software are constantly changing and evolving. You need access to the web developer hosting in order to make sure it is keeping up with the latest updates. This is especially true when an update leads to a broken plugin or two. And the best hosting for web developers will normally monitor these things for you. But without having control of the hosting, your client will likely not notice a modification or update is needed until something breaks. And by that point, fixing it could be a mess. And we have not even brought up that the client is not happy either.

What to Look for in Hosting for Website Developers

best wordpress hosting for web developers

So what are the qualities of the best hosting for web developers? First, there needs to be plenty of options, so your hosting can grow as your business does. This includes having the ability to host many different websites at once. Then, you can worry about things like the number of visitors the host will support and how much bandwidth you are allowed. At a certain point, you are definitely going to need unlimited bandwidth to keep everything running smoothly. You need to make sure that there are not only great features, but there are different levels of features that can scale with your needs.

Staging and Development Environments

Everyone in web development understand the importance of having access to staging and development environments. Especially when making modifications to a live site, they are the standard to making sure everything is playing nice before the changes are published online. It is an amateur’s pitfall to make direct changes to a live website. So, you will want to make sure to find a host that offers these different testing environments. It may seem like a feature that should always be offered, but you want to make sure your potential host spells it out clearly on their list of features. Else, you could end up very unpleasantly surprised.

And in the event when an unfortunate mistake has broken a live site, you will definitely want a host that provides consistent backups daily. You can never be too careful.

Up to Date

A feature you do not want to overlook is in how a host handles updated versions of appropriate software. You will need a host who will stay on top of updates to WordPress, plugins, and PHP. A website with outdated resources is a website that is falling behind. Neglecting the latest versions of these can lead to plenty of negative side effects. When not monitored, overlooked updates can lead to broken plugins or other website features. It could be open to a security breach. And when Google notices, the assessment could cause a website to suffer in the search results. And every one of these outcomes leads to a really angry client. Working with a host who pays attention to these updated versions eliminates that headache altogether.

Having your host track these updates accordingly means you do not have to waste your own time.

The Best Providers of Developer Website Hosting

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best hosting for WordPress developers. You need to make sure your host is built to handle a large number of websites. This normally is not an issue, but the cheapest solutions may not have the right level of support you need. Make sure there is an option for unlimited bandwidth for when you need to provide that for your clients. It is impossible to know what kinds of websites you will be building, so you will need to have access to plenty of storage to handle whatever comes your way.

For the best hosting for web developers, there is no reason to look anywhere except WP Super Host. Depending on the magnitude of your web developer hosting needs, we have the exact right hosting package just for you. Our offerings come with options for unlimited bandwidth and can support hundreds of thousands of visitors. Our staging and development environments help you manage modifications with professional ease. And, we watch out for the latest updates and monitor plugins. All of this, of course, comes with daily backups that are stored for 30 days.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things to consider when looking for the best hosting for web developers. No matter how many clients you get, you will want to make sure your host can support your needs. That includes the developer website hosting as well as customer support for you. Options like self-hosting and just letting the client handle the hosting do not usually end well. It is always best to stick to what you are best at, and have as much control over that as possible.

It is important to remember that not every host offers the features you need. Make sure they advertise that they include things like development environments and daily backups. If a host does not state outright that they offer something, assume they do not. Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of reviews the service has been getting. It is difficult to go wrong when you stick with a host that has a stellar reputation.

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