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Your Friendly Neighborhood WordPress Host

  • Is it a bird? A plane?
  • No, it's WP Super Host, here to save site owners like you from the evil clutches of bad WordPress hosting.
Starting at
  • Super fast setup
  • Super strong features
  • Super simple migration
Meet WP Super Host
A Sprious Product
  • Faster than
    a speeding bullet!
    You shouldn't have to wait long to switch to better, cheaper hosting. That's why we make setup and migration easy and painless.
  • More helpful
    than a locomotive!
    We know that we only succeed as long as our site owners are succeeding.
  • Leaping the competition in
    a single bound!
    Check out our comparison page to see how we stack up against your current WordPress hosting.
  • That Users Actually Care About
    All the
    Easy SFTP access. Free SSL certificates for every site. A global CDN for increased speed and security (also free on all sites). Site speed tracking. Update monitoring. Just a small portion of the many excellent features we offer our customers.

    Oh, and we don't hide the best stuff behind higher price tiers, either. The only things you pay more for are sites, storage, visits, and bandwidth.
    All other features come free with every plan.
  • That You Can Trust
    "Sure," you say. "WP Super Host is both cheaper and more awesome than my current hosting provider. But who wants to deal with the headache of site migration?" Never fear, citizen. Our migration process is simple enough for a sidekick - just provide us with some basic information, check that everything works on a subdomain, and then let us handle the rest.

    We also offer a guided self-migration for maximum security.
  • Tested By Real Users
    A Beautiful
    Our custom WordPress dashboard was obsessively engineered and tested by real users at every step of the process. We think it looks nicer and works better than whatever you're using now. Especially if you're using cPanel (but, y'know, that goes without saying.)
Marvel at Our Pricing
Owning our own server infrastructure means that we can offer our hosting services at a competitive low price. In addition, the vast majority of our features come standard no matter what plan you choose to buy.
All features not listed below come FREE with every plan.